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    7th day programme. Western Carpathians in the territory of the Czech Republic. Frontal part of the Magura Flysch Zone with the Fore-Magura Unit, the Silesian Unit and the Ždánice-Subsilesian Unit (Moravo-Silesian Beskydy Mts. and the Podbeskydská pahorkatina Upland)
    100 years after Pierre Termier´s discovery of the Tauern Window: What lesson should we learn?
    Complex metamorphic zonation of the Thaya dome: result of buckling and gravitational collapse of an imbricated nappe sequence
    A contribution to the study of the basic geological structure on the contact of the West Carpathians and East Alps with the eastern margin of the Bohemian Massif
    Geodynamic evolution of the Subsilesian realm
    Metamorphic record of burial and exhumation of orogenic lower and middle crust: a new tectonothermal model for the Drosendorf window (Bohemian Massif, Austria)
    Metamorphic record of burial and exhumation of orogenic lower and middle crust: New tectonothermal model for the Drosendorf Window
    Reconstructing P-T paths during continental collision using multi-stage garnet (Gran Paradiso nappe, Western Alps)
    Separate or shared metamorphic histories of eclogites and surrounding rocks? An example from the Bohemian Massif
    Tektonické okná obalovej sekvencie Velkej Fatry
    V čem se liší Klokočské skály od zbytku světa?
    Variscan palaeosuture in the Tauern Window, Eastern Alps
    Využitie gravimetrie, radarového snímkovania a atmogeochémie pri riešení geologickej stavby zborovského antiklinória
    Želetice Group: Very low-grade Palaeozoic sequence at the base of Moravicum, Czech Republic