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    Angular velocity of tectonic plates determined by non-rigorous combination of space geodetic techniques
    Anomalous drill-core parting in the sediments of the Upper Silesian Basin
    Bildungstiefe und Bildungszeitpunkt von frühen Klüften in Granitplutonen
    Calcite twinning stress inversion using OIM (EBSD) data
    Coaxial magnetic fabrics in the basement rocks of the Western Carpathians: a remnant of the Variscan structure within the Alpine edifice
    Combination of different space geodesy techniques for EOP and terrestrial reference frame determination
    Combining GPS and VLBI measurements of celestial motion of the Earth´s spin axis and universal time
    Confirmed Transtensional Slip in the Area of the Svratka Anticline
    Contrasting magmatic textures, joint patterns and emplacement features in granitic rocks of the Erzgebirge and the Lusatian Granodiorite Complex, Germany
    Development of Fracture Networks in the Melechov Massif and their Analysis
    Earth orientation parameters and station coordinates from space geodasy techniques
    Emplacement mechanisms of the thrust sheets in the Barrandian (Bohemian Massif)
    Ewolucja strukturalna utworów dolnopaleozoických w strefie granicznej bloków górnoslaskiego i malopolskiego
    Fault tectonics in the Czech part of the Lusatian granodiorite complex
    Fluid inclusion planes and paleofluid records in the Podlesí granite, Krušné hory Mts., Czech Republic
    Four magmatic fabrics in the Tuolumne batholith, central Sierra Nevada, California (USA) : implications for interpreting fabric patterns in plutons and evolution of magma chambers in the upper crust
    Implementation of the Vondrak's smoothing in the combination of results of different space geodesy techniques
    Influence of laminar flow on structural preorientation of coal tar pitch: Raman microspectroscope study
    The influence of river network arrangement on values of geotectonic indices (on the example of the Oslava River basin)
    Interpretace vrstevnatých a usměrněných textur v granitech
    The inverse magnetic fabric in the locality of Choryně (Flysch Belt of the Western Carpathians) and its origin
    Large-scale fold architecture of the Stronie formation, the Orlica-Śnieżnik Dome, West Sudetes
    Magnetic record of ordinary chondrite chondrules
    Microcrack orientation from Czerniawa sevtion (Izera-Karkonosze block, SW Poland) as a paleostress indicator
    Mid-Crustal Emplacement of the Třebíč Durbachite: a Result of Interplay between Compressional and Wrench Tectonics due to Block Rotations
    Napjatostní analýza dvojčatných lamel v kalcitu s využitím OIM (EBSD)
    Neogene Deformations of the Core Mountains of the Central Western Carpathians as Indicated by Magnetic Anisotropy
    Numerical Modelling of Magnetic Susceptibility of Rocks Deformed in Transpression Regime
    On the genesis of two meridionally trending lineations in rocks of the Orlica-Śnieżnik Dome: evidence from marbles of the Stronie formation
    Orientace hlavních os paleonapětí v jižní části Pálavy (34-14 Mikulov)
    Orientace hlavních směrů variských paleonapětí ve východní části Nízkého Jeseníku
    The orientation distribution of single joint sets
    Quasi-diurnal atmospheric and oceanic excitation of nutation
    Resonant period of free core nutation - its observed changes and excitations
    Roztoky Intrusive Centre in the České Středohoří Mts.: Differentiation, emplacement, distribution, orientation and age of dyke series
    Speleogenesis of selected caves beneath the Lunan Shilin and caves of Fenglin karst in Quibei, Yunnan
    Studium orientace hlavních os paleonapětí v širším okolí Moravské brány - výsledky první etapy (25-11 Hlubočky, 25-13 Přerov, 25-14 Valašské Meziříčí)
    Study of atmospheric and oceanic excitations in the motion of Earth's spin axis in space
    Tectonic controls on the emplacement of the dyke swarm in the volcanic centre of the České středohoří Mts., Bohemia : preliminary report on a running research project
    Tectonometamorphic evolution of the Svratka Crystalline Complex (NE Bohemian Massif) : evidence for wrench-dominated tranpression [transpression] along the NE margin of the Variscan orogenic root
    The trace fossil Rejkovicichnus necrofilus MIKULÁŠ et al., 1996 (Middle Cambrian, Czech Republic): an early example of "gardening"
    Vztah orientace říční sítě a strukturních prvků (na příkladu povodí Vsetínské Bečvy)