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    původ korový
    AMS Fabric Study of Melt Migration from Metasedimentary and Orthogneiss Migmatites to Crustally Derived Granites: An Example from Southern Vosges
    Dating multiply overprinted Sn-mineralized granites - examples fro the Erzgebirge, Germany
    Formation and Evolution of High-Pressure Leucogranulites: Experimental Constrains and Unresolved Issues
    Four magmatic fabrics in the Tuolumne batholith, central Sierra Nevada, California (USA) : implications for interpreting fabric patterns in plutons and evolution of magma chambers in the upper crust
    Geotectonic position of granulitic complex in South Bohemia (The Bohemian Massif)
    High-K adakitic volcanics in Cordillera Volcánica, SE Peru
    Der Kruste/Mantel-Grenzbereich unter der Schwarmbebengebiet Vogtland/NW-Böhmen: Kombinierte seismische und petrologische Studien
    The KTB deep crustal laboratory and the western Eger Graben. Second day: Active processes of the western Eger Graben area : stop 7a, b
    Mafic-intermediate granulites of the Lisov Massif, Southern Bohemia: middle-crustal relics of a Late Devonian magmatic arc?
    Mechanical Collapse of Vertically Extruded Orogenic Root System: SW Moldanubian Zone
    Metamorphic and microstructural evolution of orthogneisses and granulites of the Eger complex (NW Bohemian Massif) - record of progressive granulitization of the lower crust?
    Multiple magmatic pulses of the Eastern Volcano-Plutonic Complex, Krušné hory/Erzgebirge batholith, and their phosphorus contents
    Nachtrag zur LOSSEN-Ehrung: LOSSENs Beobachtungen an Xenolithen und Xenokristen der Unterkruste in Kersantiten des Mittelharzes - ein Beitrag zur Petrographiegeschichte
    Neodymium in igneous rocks
    Northern (Slovak) part of the Danube Basin: tectonics, crustal and lithospheric dynamics
    Oxygen isotope study of the highly fractionated Podlesí granite system, Krušné hory Mts., Czech Republic
    Palaeozoic terrane amalgamation in Central Europe: a REE and Sm-Nd isotope study of the pre-Variscan basement, NE Bohemian Massif
    The patterns of enrichment in felsic pegmatites ultimately depend on tectonic setting
    Permo-Carboniferous subvolcanic rhyolitic dikes in the western Erzgebirge/Vogtlandt, Germany: a record of source heterogeneity of post-collisional felsic magmatism
    Petrogenesis of contrasting granitoid plutons in western Bohemia (Czech Republic)
    Review of petrographic and mineralogical evidence for fluid induced dehydration of the mafic lower crust: could there be a relationship between granitoids and granulite facies xenoliths in the Variscan Belt?
    Rhyolite related to Panafrican granite in the eastern part of the Bohemian Massif (Czech Republic)
    SHRIMP U-Pb zircon geochronology of the Strzelin gneiss, SW Poland: evidence for a Neoproterozoic thermal event in the Fore-Sudetic Block, Central European Variscides
    Tektity typu Muong Nong, vrstevnaté tektity, mikrotektity a skleněné sférule alkalických ultramafických diatrem: fakta a závěry
    Vulkanoklastika v pavlovickém souvrství ždánické jednotky : 34-21 Hustopeče