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    Accretion of first Gondwana-derived terranes at the margin of Baltica
    The acritarch genus Veryhachium Deunff 1954: taxonomic evaluation and first appearance
    Acritarchen von Stadtsteinach/Frankenwald und die Biostratigraphische Stellung des Griffelschiefers (Arenig) im Saxothuringikum nebst Bemerkungen zum Hauptquartzit und zur Dicranochitina-Provinz
    Additions to the Pliocene flora of Gérce (Western Hungary)
    Ammonoidea of the Lower Cretaceous deposits (Late Berriasian, Valanginian, Early Hauterivian) from Štramberk, Czech Republic
    Anisodon sp. (Mammalia, Perissodactyla, Chalicotheriidae) from the Turolian of Dorn-Dürkheim 1 (Rheinhessen, Germany): morphology, phylogeny, and palaeoecology of the latest chalicothere in Central Europe
    Araucarien in der Kreide von Europa
    Arvicolid rodent biochronology of the Northern Hemisphere.International Symposium "Evolution, Phylogeny and Biostratigraphy of Arvicolids (Rodentia, Mammalia)"
    Asociace ostnokožců a miomeridních trilobitů kambria barrandienské oblasti
    An attempt of classification of the Palaeozoic incertae sedis Algospongia
    The basal Silurian Akidograptus ascensus - Parakidograptus acuminatus Biozone in peri-Gondwanan Europe: graptolite assemblages, stratigraphical ranges and palaeobiogeography
    Die Bedeutung von Panzerwürmern (Palaeoscolecida) für Biostratigraphie und Paläogeographie
    Belemnites of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin in a global context
    Biogeographical distribution patterns in MId- and Late Palaeozoic Conocardioida (Mollusca: Rostroconchia)
    Biogeography of Early Devonian Chitinozoa : paleozoic Sequence Stratigraphy, Biostratigraphy, and Biogeography: Studies in Honor of J.Granville ("Jess") Johnson
    Biometric analysis of Praeactinocamax plenus (Blainv.) from the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin
    Biostratigrafie terciérních uhlonosných uloženin ČSR
    Bohemian Ostracodes from Dobrotivá Formation (Ordoviciand) and their relation to Baltoscandian and Armorican faunas
    Braarudosphaera-rich sediments in the Turonian of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin, Czech Republic
    Brachiopods of the genus Austriellula Strand, 1928 in the Triassic of the Tethys
    The Breviphrentis-dominated coral faunule from the Middle Devonian of Moravia, Czech Republic
    The Brito-Arctic Igneous Province Flora: its Paleofloristic and Paleoclimatic Character in the Late Paleocene
    Brunovistulian terrane (Bohemian Massif, Central Europe) from late Proterozoic to late Paleozoic: a review
    Brunovistulian Terrane (Central Europe) and Istanbul Zone (NW Turkey): late Proterozoic and Paleozoic tectonostratigraphic development and paleogeography
    The Brunovistulicum: assumptions and data
    Bryozoan fauna from the Koněprusy Limestone (Pragian, Lower Devonian) of Zlatý Kůň near Koněprusy (Czech Republic)
    The calcareous nannofossil record across the Late Cretaceous Turonian/Coniacian boundary, including new data from Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and England
    Calocedrus robustior (Cupressaceae) and Taxus schornii (Taxaceae): two new conifers from the middle Miocene Latah Formation of northern Idaho
    Caradoc brachiopods from the Armorican Massif (northwestern France)
    Cenomanian-Coniacian (Upper Cretaceous) belemnitellid distribution and belemnite events in the East European Province
    Cenomanian through the Lowermost Coniacian Belemnitellidae Pavlow (Belemnitida, Coleoidea) of the East European Province
    Changes in the composition of the European snake fauna during the Early Miocene and at the Early/Middle Miocene transition
    Characterization of the Parakidograptus acuminatus graptolite Biozone in the Silurian of the Barrancos region (Ossa Morena Zone, South Portugal)
    Chitinozoan implications in the palaeogeography of the East Moesia, Romania
    Chitinozoans from the Sheinwoodian/Homerian boundary beds (Wenlock) in the Prague Basin (Barrandian, Bohemia)
    Chulitnacula, a new paleobiogeographically distinctive gastropod genus from Upper Triassic strata in accreted terranes of southern Alaska
    Climate changes in the Early to Middle Miocene of the Central Paratethys and the origin of its echinoderm fauna
    The conodont extinction at the Middle-Upper Tournaisian boundary
    Conodont Fauna from the Pragian/Emsian boundary in the Mramorka and Stydlé vody Quarry (Barrandian, Czech Republic)
    Contribution to microbiostratigraphy of Middle Triassic of Central Eubea (Greece)
    Conulariids and Sphenothallus (Cnidaria, Medusozoa) from the Tonggao Formation (Lower Ordovician, China)
    Coraux crétacé de Boheme (Cénomanien supérieur; Turonien inférieur-Coniacien inférieur), République tcheque
    Correlation of the Neogene floras of Transcaucasia, Ukrainian Carpathians, South Poland and Czechoslovakia
    Cosmopolitan arthropod zooplankton in the Ordovician seas
    Cretaceous Bryozoa from Scharrergraben (Santonian, Gosau Group, Eastern Alps)
    Cyrtograptus lundgreni Biozone in the southwestern part of the Svatý Jan Volcanic Centre (Wenlock, Prague Basin, Bohemia)
    Czech and Slovak Republics
    Čertova pec a její fauna
    Dalmanitoidní a acastoidní trilobiti pražské pánve jako indikátory migrací fauny v rámci rheického oceánu
    Dating the transition
    Delphinulopsidae, a new neritopsoidean gastropod family from the Upper Triassic (upper Carnian or lower Norian) of the Wallowa terrane, northeastern Oregon
    The Devonian brachiopod collections of Portugal - a palaeontological heritage
    Devonian (Givetian) Hyolitha from the Kersadiou Formation, Massif Amoricain, France
    The Devonian in the Easternmost Variscides, Moravia: a Holistic Analysis Directed Towards Comprehension of the Original Context
    The distinction of Peri-Gondwana and Balticaby the palaeobiogeographical distribution pattern of Cambro-Ordovician Acritarchs
    Distribution paléogéographique des mollusques bivalves durant l´Ordovicien
    Diversification and biogeography of scolecodont-bearing polychaetes in the Ordovician
    Do extant nearest relatives of thermophile European Cenozoic plant elements reliably reflect climatic signal?
    Earliest Pragian (Early Devonian) corals and stromatoporoids from reefal settings in the Cantabrian Zone (N Spain)
    Early Cambrian location and affinities of the Brunovistulian terrane (Central Europe) in the light of palaeomagnetic data
    Early Campanian Grünbach flora of Austria: systematic composition and palaeoclimatic interpretations
    Early Cretaceous ammonites from the Butkov Quarry (Manín Unit, Central Western Carpathians, Slovakia)
    Early Cretaceous stratigraphy, palaeogeography and life in the Western Carpathians
    Early land plant developments: Global progress and Indian priorities
    Early Oligocene floras and paleogeography of Central and Southeastern Europe: a test for a new tectonic reconstruction
    Early Palaeozoic palaeobiogeography and palaeoecology of stylophoran echinoderms
    Early Palaeozoic palaeobiogeography of northern Gondwana regions
    The Early Permian Branchiosaurids (Amphibia) of Sardinia (Italy): systematic palaeontology, palaeoecology, biostratigraphy and palaeobiogeographic problems
    The early Vallesian vertebrates of Atzelsdorf (Late Miocene, Austria). 9., Hippotherium (Mammalia, Equidae)
    The Eocene and Early Oligocene floras of the Russian Plain and their relation to the palaeofloras of Central Europe
    Eocene Bryozoa from the Eisenrichterstein beds, Hallthurm, Bavaria
    Eocene vegetation patterns reconstructed from plant diversity - A global perspective
    Eoteuthoidae - a new family of Late Cretaceous dibranchiate cephalopods (Coleoidea, Decapoda, Teuthina?)
    Eur-American Floristic Similarities through the Cenophytic: Introduction
    Eurytholia plates (Problematica) from the late Silurian of the Austrian Carnic Alps
    Evoljucija v devone bioraznoobrazija radioljarij s dvumja poristymi sferami i odnoj osnovnoj igloj
    Evoluce neotenií : z historie našich čolků
    Evolution and paleogeography of Eospirifer (Spiriferida, Brachiopoda) in Late Ordovician and Silurian
    Evolution of community composition in several carnivore palaeoguilds from the European Pleistocene: the role of interspecific competition
    Evolution of intraspecific morphological variability and its relationship to environment (Caliapora battersbyi, Devonian)
    Evolution of the Cenozoic marine avifaunas of Europe
    Extinction and recovery successions of the Devonian marine shoals: Eifelian-Givetian and Frasnian-Famennian events, Moravia and Bohemia
    Facies and biogeographic relationships in Devonian of the Bohemian Massif
    Facies and biogeographic relationships in Devonian of the Bohemian Massif
    Facies and paleogeographic relationships in Devonian of the Bohemian Massif
    Faunal specificity, endemism and paleobiogeography: the post-glacial (Hirnantian-early Rhuddanian) graptolite fauna of the North-African border of Gondwana: a case study
    The first carnivoran fauna from the Ruscinium (Early Pliocene, MN 15) of Germany
    First micromammals (Mammalia, Soricomorpha) from the Vallesian (Miocene) of Eppelsheim, Rheinhessen (Germany)
    First occurrence of Orthotheca Novák, 1886 (Hyolitha, Early Devonian) in North America
    First record of Trogontherium cuvieri (Mammalia, Rodentia) from the middle Pleistocene of Poland and review of the species
    Flóra starosedelského souvrství a její vztah k eocenním a oligocenním flórám v jižní části NDR
    Foraminiferal fauna and climatic oscillations in Late Devonian and Early Carboniferous
    Foraminiferová fauna křídových oceánských červených vrstev východopacifické bioprovincie v Kalifornii a její vztahy ke karpatskému flyši
    Forest flora and vegetation of the European early Palaeogene - a review
    The fossil history of Craigia (Tiliaceae) - a review
    The Frasnian-Famennian brachiopod extinction events: A preliminary review
    Fruits of Trapella from the Pannonian s.l. (Upper Pliocene) of NE Hungary
    Gastropods and tergomyans from the Upper Ordovician (Viru-Harju) of the Fagelsang area, Scania, southern Sweden
    Gavelinella Brotzen, 1942 and Lingulogavelinella Malapris, 1969 (Foraminifera) from the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin
    Gecko species Euleptes gallica Müller: A new information about its geographic and stratigraphic range
    El género Parabailiella Thoral, 1946 (Trilobita) en el Cámbrico medio de las Cadenas Ibéricas (NE de Espana)
    Geobotanika devonu
    Glacial Cycles and Mammalian Biodiversity of Central Europe: Large Scale Migrations or Vicariance Dynamics?
    A Global Chitinozoa Biozonation for the Silurian
    Glossinotoechiidae (Braquiópodos uncinuloideos) del Devónico de la Cordillera Cantábrica (N de Espana)
    Hemitrapa fruits (Trapaceae) in the late Early Miocene Lom Coal Seam, Most Formation, North Bohemia
    Hercynian Cretaceous and "Plenus event"
    A highly diverse trilobite fauna with Avalonian affinities from the Middle Cambrian Acidusus atavus Zone (Drumian Stage) of Bornholm, Denmark
    Holarctic dispersal of the Arvicolids (Rodentia, Cricetidae)
    The importance of acritarchs in Ordovician biostratigraphy and palaeobiogeography in Germany
    The importance of acritarchs in Ordovician biostratigraphy and palaeobiogeography in Germany
    Incisor enamel microstructure and its implications to higher-level systematics of Eurasian Oligocene and Early Miocene hamsters (Rodentia)
    Jantarová okna do minulosti : inkluze v jantaru vyprávějí o dávné přírodě Země
    Ještě ke glaciálním refugiím
    Jungpleistozäne Vögel aus Vraona, Griechenland
    K biostratigrafii karbonu v doubravských vrstvách hornoslezské černouhelné pánve
    Karpatská oblast Slovenska a Moravy v poslední době ledové
    Kdy stejnonožci vylezli na souš?
    Key Lower Palaeozoic faunas from near the Trans-European Suture Zone
    The knowledge of the Pleistocene - an assumption for the differentiation of natural regularities and human interventions : Syllabus of a lecture
    Konodonti ze strukturního vrtu Jablůnka-1
    Korelace kvartérních herpetofaun na některých evropských lokalitách
    Larval development in Oligocene palaeobatrachid frogs
    Late Campanian/Late Maastrichtian penetration of high-latitude calcareous nannoflora to the Outer Western Carpathian depositional area
    The Late Carboniferous and Permian: Aquatic vertebrate zonation in southern Spain and German basins
    Late Cenozoic biostratigraphy of Europe: mammal zones and the fossil record of birds
    Late Devonian - Early Carboniferous Foraminiferal Fauna: Zonations, Evolutionary Events, Paleobiogeography and Tectonic Implications
    Late Devonian-earliest Mississippian glaciation in Gondwanaland and its biogeographic consequences
    Late Devonian (Famennian) Glaciation in South America and Marine Offlap on other Continents
    Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous microplankton abundance, Milankovitch cycles, and implications for upwelling and Cretaceous climates
    Late Miocene to Early Pliocene vegetation of southern Europe (7-4 Ma) as reflected in the megafossil plant record
    Late Moscovian terrestrial biotas and palaeoenvironments of Variscan Euramerica
    Late Ordovician conodonts from the Prague Basin, Bohemia
    The Late Paleozoic relations between Gondwana and Laurusia
    A Late Pleistocene wolverine Gulo gulo (Linné, 1758) skeleton from the Sloup Cave in the Moravian Karst, Czech Republic
    Late Turonian-Coniacian belemnites (genera Actinocamax Miller and Gonioteuthis Bayle) from the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin
    Late Valanginian-Hauterivian cephalopod fauna from the Stara Planina Mountain (eastern Serbia)
    The Leptoceratoidinae: small heteromorph ammonites from the Barremian
    The Leviathaniidae - the largest pre-Cenozoic gastropods
    Lidská revoluce : byla, nebo nebyla : diskuse k počátku a šíření moderního člověka
    Lingulate and craniate brachiopods from the top of the Králův Dvůr Formation (latest Katian) and their contribution to palaeogeography
    Lochkovian bivalves of Bohemian type from the eastern Anti-Atlas (Lower Devonian, Morocco)
    Lochkovian (Early Devonian) acritarchs and prasinophytes from the Solimoes Basin, northwestern Brazil
    Lower Devonian reef biota from the Carnic Alps, Austria: implications for biogeography
    Lower Devonian reef biota from the Carnic Alps, Austria: implications for biogeography
    Lower Devonian stromatoporoids from the northern Obejo-Valsequillo-Puebla de la Reina domain (Badajoz and Córdoba provinces, southern Spain)
    Lower Turonian record of belemnite Praeactinocamax from NW Siberia and its palaeogeographic significance
    Machaeracanthus goujeti n. sp. (Acanthodii) from the Lower Devonian of Spain and northwest France, with special reference to spine histology
    Major Facial and Faunal Changes in the Silurian of the Prague Basin, Bohemia
    The mammalian assemblage of Mazan (Vaucluse, France) and its position in the Early Oligocene European palaeobiogeography
    A Middle and Late Cambrian age for the Booley Bay Formation, County Wexford, Ireland: New acritarch data and its implications
    Middle and Late Jurassic roots of brachyuran crabs: Palaeoenvironmental distribution during their early evolution
    Middle Cambrian gogiid echinoderms from Northeast Spain: Taxonomy, palaeoecology, and palaeogeographic implications
    Middle Ordovician harknessellid brachiopods (Dalmanellidina) from the Mediterranean margin of Gondwana
    Miocene evolution of landscape and vegetation in the Central Paratethys
    Miocene "Hungarocypris" species of Lake Pannon (Central and South-Eastern Europe) transferred to Herpetocyprella Dady, 1909 (Ostracoda, Cyprididae)
    Miocene small mammals from Jebel Zelten, Libya
    Morphologie, Taxonomie und Phylogenie unter-devonischer Brachiopoden aus der Dra-Ebene (Marokko, Prä-Sahara und dem Rheinischen Schiefergebrige (Deutschland)
    The muddy bottom of Lake Pannon - a challenge for dreissenid settlement (Late Miocene; Bivalvia)
    Myctophidae a jejich role v biostratigrafii evropského terciéru
    Nález fragmentu hornej čeľúste mastodonta z Hajnáčky
    Nanoplankton wapienny górnokredowych facji pelagicznych jednostki podśląskiej polskich Karpat fliszowych
    Neogene and Quaternary Snakes of Eastern Europe: Fossil Record
    Neogene lake systems of Central and South-Eastern Europe: Faunal diversity, gradients and interrelations
    Neue oder wenig bekannte Pflanzenarten aus der Perucer Schichten (Cenoman) der Böhmischen Masse
    Neue Untersuchungen zu Araucaria Jussieu aus der europäischen Kreide
    A new aeduellid actinopterygian from the Lower Permian of the Krkonoše Piedmont Basin (Bohemian Massif) and its relationship to other Aeduellidae
    New and revised occurrences of rhynchonelliformean brachiopods from the middle Cambrian of the Iberian Chains, NE Spain
    New early Devonian gastropods from the families Crassimarginatidae (new family) and Scoliostomatidae (new family), Royal Creek Area, Yukon Territory, Canada
    New Emsian (late Early Devonian) gastropods from Limestone Mountain, Medfra B-4 quadrangle, west-central Alaska (Farewell Terrane), and their paleobiogeographic affinities and evolutionary significance
    New eomyid genus and species from the early Miocene (MN zones 3-4) of Europe and Japan related to Apeomys (Eomyidae, Rodentia, Mammalia)
    New European records and first evidence of epidermal structures of Sloanea L. from the Italian Oligocene - revised type and original material of Principi 1916
    New finds of Ochotonoma csarnotana (Lagomorpha, Ochotonidae) from the Pliocene of Hungary: a new look on the species
    New foraminiferal data on the age of Stramberk-type limestones, Polish Carpathians
    New knowledge of the genus Indobatrachus (Anura) from the Lower Eocene of India
    A new lobster Paraclytia valashtensis (Crustacea, Decapoda, Nephropidae) from the Late Cretaceous of the central Alborz Range, Iran
    New Middle Cambrian lingulate brachiopods from the Skryje-Týřovice area (Central Bohemia, Czech Republic)
    New neritopsoidean gastropods (Neritimorpha) from the Late Triassic (Late Carnian - Early Norian) of the Wallowa Terrane, northeastern Oregon
    New occurrence of the Ordovician eocrinoid Cardiocystes: Palaeogeographical and palaeoecological implications
    New records of teleosts from the Late Turonian (Late Cretaceous) of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin (Czech Republic)
    New remains of Pleistocene Ovibos moschatus from Germany and its geographic and stratigraphic occurrence in Europe
    New Silurian-Devonian pseudophorid gastropods
    New Silurian nautiloids Phragmoceras Broderip, 1839, and Tubiferoceras Hedström, 1917, from the Prague Basin (Bohemia)
    New Zealand beetle in Baltic Amber - Biogeography and systematics of a new fossil bark-gnawing beetle (Trogossitidae)
    Nomenclatural types and taxonomy of Unger's (1850) and Ettingshausen's (1853) fossil leaves recognized as new Sloanea records in the European Paleogene
    Normapolles. Comparaison entre l´Europe centrale et du Sud-Est pendant le Cénomanien et le Turonien: évolution de la biodiversité et paléoenvironnement
    The northernmost occurrence of the Lower Berriasian ammonite Pseudosubplanites grandis (Štramberk Limestone, Outer Western Carpathians, Czech Republic)
    Nové výskyty spodnokarbonské trilobitové fauny v činném lomu Mokrá u Brna
    Novinky v rybí fauně evropského oligocénu
    O některých nepublikovaných rostlinných nálezech z peruckých vrstev z Prahy-Slivence a Rakovnicka a o společných prvcích z křídy Grónska a Českého masivu (12-12 Louny, 12-42 Zbraslav, 24-12 Letovice, 24-21 Jevíčko)
    O permskich i triasovych entomofaunach v svjazi s biogeografijej i permo-triasovym krizisom
    Obermiozäne (Pannone) Floren aus der Molassezone Österreichs : Ihre Beziehungen zum Wiener Becken, weiteren Pannonischen Raum und nördlichen Mediterran
    Obojživelníci a plazi z lokality "Za Hájovnou", Javoříčský kras
    Obzor stratigrafičeskogo rasprostranenija permskich Grylloblattida (Insecta) s opisaniem novych taksonov
    Occurrence of the genus Aphanius Nardo (Cyprinodontid fishes) in the Lower Miocene of the Cheb Basin (Czech Republic), with additional notes on Prolebias egeranus Laube
    Ökostratigraphische Bioevents im Grenzbereich Stephanium/Autunium (höchstes Karbon) des Saar-Nahe-Beckens (SW-Deutschland) und benachbarter Gebiete
    On the occurrence of Spinidelphinulopsis whaleni (Gastropoda) in the Late Triassic (early Norian) Cornwallis Limestone, Kuiu Island, southeastern Alaska (Alexander terrane) and its paleobiogeographic significance
    The ophiuroid Amphiura? plana in nearshore settings of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin (Czech Republic)
    The Ordovician acritarch genus Coryphidium
    Ordovician and Silurian hyoliths and gastropods reassigned from the Hyolitha from the Girvan district, Scotland
    Ordovician (Dobrotivá Formation) ostracodes and trilobites from Ejpovice (Bohemia) and their relations to faunas of northern and western Europe
    The Ordovician of the Condroz Inlier, Belgium: Trilobites from the southeastern margin of Avalonia
    Ordovician organic-walled microphytoplankton (acritarch) distribution: the global scenario
    Ordovician Tergomya and Gastropoda (Mollusca) of the Anti-Atlas (Morocco)
    Organic-walled microfossils (Chitinozoa and Acritarcha) from Praha-Červený vrch Hill (Šárka Formation, Middle Ordovician, Prague Basin)
    Organic-walled microplankton from the Upper Devonian of the Albergaria-a-Velha black shales (W Portugal) and its paleobiogeographical implications: preliminary results
    Ostracodes from the Letná Formation (Ordovician) of Blýskava (Bohemia)
    Overview of the stratigraphy and initial quantitative biogeographical results from the Devonian of the Albergaria-a-Velha Unit (Ossa-Morena Zone, W Portugal)
    Palaeobiogeography of Tethyan ammonites during the Tithonian (latest Jurassic)
    Palaeobiogeography of the Cenomanian through the lowermost Coniacian belemnites (Belemnitellidae, Belemnitida) from eastern parts of the European Palaeobiogeographic Region
    Palaeobiogeography of the early Cretaceous (pre-albian) cephalopod bearing formations of the Western Carpathians (Czech and Slovak Republic) and the Northern Calcareous Alps (Austria)
    Palaeoecological preferences and geographical distribution of Late Maastrichtian deep-sea ostracodes in the South Atlantic
    Palaeoecology and palaeogeographic relations of the Silurian phragmoceratids (Nautiloidea, Cephalopoda) of the Prague Basin (Bohemia)
    Palaeofloristics of Middle Pennsylvanian lyginopteridaleans in Variscan Euramerica
    Palaeofloristics of Middle Pennsylvanian medullosaleans in Variscan Euramerica
    Palaeogeographical and palaeoecological aspects of the Cambro-Ordovician radiation of echinoderms in Gondwanan Africa and peri-Gondwanan Europe
    Palaeogeographical controls on the Cambrian trilobite immigration and evolutionary patterns reported in the western Gondwana margin
    Paleobatymetrie spodního badenu karpatské předhlubně na Moravě z pohledu otolitových faun
    Paleobiogeografía de Cyrtinopsidae (Braquiópodos Delthyridina del Silúrico y Devónico)
    Paleobiografia amonitov pliensbachu Západných Karpát
    Paleogeogragia, sedimentácia a biofácie pozdl'ž západokarpatského úseku okraja paleoeuropského šelfu počas spodnej kriedy
    Un paléoniscoide (Pisces, Actinopterygii) de Buxieres-les-Mines, témoin des affinités faunique entre Massif central et Boheme au passage Carbonifere-Permien
    Palynological investigation of the basal Tertiary sediments (Paleogene) in western Bohemia and their correlation with the Carpathian region
    Palynological zonation of Mid-Palaeozoic sequences from the Cantabrian Mountains, NW Spain: implications for inter-regional and interfacies correlation of the Ludford/Přídolí and Silurian/Devonian boundaries, and plant dispersal patterns
    Pararotalia aculeata (ďOrbigny, 1846) ze środkowego miocenu Paratetydy Centralnej
    Patterns of cultural variability during the Middle-to-Upper Paleolithic transition in Europe
    Patterns of ostracod migration for the 'North Atlantic' region during the Ordovician
    The Permotriassic branchiosaurid Tungussogyrinus Efremov, 1939 (Temnospondyli, Dissorophoidea) from Siberia restudied
    Perunica microcontinent in the Ordovician (its position within the Mediterranean Province, series division, benthic and pelagic associations)
    Phylogenetic and biogeographic analysis of deiphonine trilobites
    Phylogeny of Praeactinocamax Naidin (Belemnitellidae, Upper Cretaceous)
    Pirenella moravica (M. Hoernes) (Mollusca, Gastropoda) in the Eggenburgian in South Moravia and Lower Austria
    Planktonic gastropods (pteropods) from the Miocene of the Carpathian Foredeep and the Ždánice Unit in Moravia (Czech Republic)
    Plant assemblages from the hanging wall sequence of the opencast mine Oberdorf N Voitsberg, Styria (Austria, Early Miocene, Ottnangian)
    Pleistocene Rodents of Europe
    The Plio-Pleistocene record of Hypolagus (Lagomorpha, Leporidae) from the Czech and Slovak Republics with comments on systematics and classification of the genus
    Po stopách skrytých refugií
    Porcupines in the Bohemian Karst - excavation results of the first known Miocene Hystrix (Hystrix) parvae (Kretzoi 1951) cave den in Central Europe
    Possible Boreal faunal immigration of the Lower Cretaceous ammonites into Outer Western Carpathians related to the global sea level changes
    Postglaciální faunogenese střední Evropy vs. refuginální dynamika
    Pozdnepliocenovyje chiščnyje iz Včelare 2 (jugo-vostočnaja Slovakija)
    Poziomy otwornicowe karbonu dolnego w zapadlisku przedkarpackim
    Pragian brachiopods, trilobites, and principal biofacies in the Prague Basin (Lower Devonian, Bohemia)
    Pre-variská paleogeografie Českého masivu
    Preliminary overview of regional endemism in European Neogene ungulates
    Rare myodocopid ostracods from the Lower Cretaceous (Albian) strata of Vértes Foreland (NW-Hungary)
    Recognition of the Trans-European Suture Zone (TESZ) by the palaeobiogeographical distribution pattern of early to middle Ordovician acritarchs
    Reconstruction of a Czech Early Miocene vegetation
    Remarks on Coniacian microbiostratigraphy in the Tethyan and Boreal realms
    Remarks to geographic distribution and phylogeny of the Upper Cretaceous belemnite genus Praeactinocamax Naidin
    A report on Silurian and lowermost Devonian chitinozoans from South-western Sardinia
    Review of the Late Miocene flora of Vegora, western Macedonia, Greece
    A review of the Ordovician acritarchs Aureotesta and Marrocanium
    Revision of Plio-Pleistocene quails of the Western Palaearctic
    A revision of the lower Pennsylvanian "Alethopteris lonchitica (auctorum) and its identity with "Alethopteris urophylla"
    A revision of the Tonnoidea (Caenogastropoda, Gastropoda) from the Miocene Paratethys and their palaeobiogeographic implications
    Sapindaceous affinities of the Pteleaecarpum fruits from the Tertiary of Eurasia and North America
    Schenkiella genus novum, thorny disseminules of unknown affinities from the Lower Miocene of central Europe
    Sdělení o výzkumu ichtyolitů klobuckého obzoru (12-21 Kralupy n. Vltavou)
    Semitubina yukonensis new species, first occurrence of this biogeographically distinctive Old World Realm gastropod genus in the Lower Devonian of the western hemisphere
    Shared Taxa of Land Plants in the Oligocene of Europe and North America in context of Holarctic Phytogeography
    Significance of Praeglobotruncana ex group turona (Olbertz, 1942) in the Cretaceous of the Bohemian Basin and Western Carpathians for the biostratigraphy of the Turonian
    Silberlingiella, a new purpurinid genus (Littorinoidea, Gastropoda) from the Late Middle Norian (Late Triassic) of the Clan Alpine Range, western Nevada
    Silurian and Devonian Gastropoda of Romania
    Silurian and lowermost Devonian bivalvies of Bohemia type from the Carnic Alps. Geologie ohne Grenzen - Festschrift 150 Jahre Geologische Bundesanstalt
    Silurian Bivalvia - Evolution, Palaeoecology, Palaeogeography, Importance for Biostratigraphy and Correlation
    Silurian Gastropoda from southeastern and west-central Alaska
    Silurian trilobites from Santanghu, Barkol, NE Xinjiang
    Sloanea (Elaeocarpaceae) fruits and foliage from the Early Oligocene of Hungary and Slovenia
    Slon Gromovův na Moravě
    The snake fauna of Děvínska Nová Ves (Slovak Republic) in relation to the evolution of snake assemblages of the European Middle Miocene
    Spesovicornea pacltovae gen. nov. et sp. nov., a new elateroid sporomorph from the Bohemian Cenomanian (Czech Republic)
    Spine asymmetry in chonetoidean brachiopods: an example of reiterated heterochronies linked to intra-Devonian events
    Spodnodevonští stromatoporoidi z Koněprus (stupeň prag) (12-41 Beroun)
    Stratigrafické škály evropského plio-pleistocénu
    Stratigraphic and palaeogeographic distribution of the Ordovician eocrinoid Ascocystites Barrande, 1887 (Echinodermata, Blastozoa)
    The stratigraphical correlation of the Campanian low- and high-latitude calcareous nannofossils in Southern Moravia (Western Carpathians)
    Stratigraphy and palaeoecology of the Cambrian genus Volborthella
    Stratigraphy and palaeoecology of the Cambrian genus Volborthella
    Die Stromatoporen des Devons und Silurs von Zentral-Böhmen (Tschechische Republik) und ihre Kommensalen
    Die Stromatoporen-Fauna des Mitteldevons von Zentral-Böhmen
    Structural continuity and multiple alternative stable states in Middle Pleistocene European mammalian communities
    Středoevropské bezlesí v čase a prostoru. I., Vstupní úvaha
    Středoevropské bezlesí v čase a prostoru. II., Doklady z minulosti a jejich výpověď
    Středoevropské bezlesí v čase a prostoru. III., Historie lesa a bezlesí v kvartéru
    Středoevropské bezlesí v čase a prostoru. IV., Vývoj v poledové době
    Středoevropské bezlesí v čase a prostoru. V., Otázka přirozeného bezlesí v českých zemích a na Slovensku
    Středoevropské bezlesí v čase a prostoru. VI., Osudy bezlesí v dnešní době
    Studium fauny ze spodního permu podkrkonošské pánve
    Subfossil birds of Andrahomana, southeastern Madagascar
    Survey of the Nassariid gastropods in the Neogene Paratethys (Mollusca: Caenogastropoda: Buccinoidea)
    A systematic revision of Selenopeltis (Trilobita: Odontopleuridae) with description of new material from the Ordovician Anti Atlas region, Morocco
    Tabulate corals of Ibarmaghian affinities in the Upper Emsian of Bohemia
    Terminal Cretaceous warming event in the mid-latitude South Atlantic Ocean: evidence from poleward migration of Contusotruncana contusa (planktonic formaminifera) morphotypes
    Terrane transfer between eastern Laurentia and northwestern Gondwana: the place of the Teplá-Barrandian, Bohemian Massif
    Thaumastosaurus Bottii De Stefano, 1903, an anuran with Gondwanan affinities from the Eocene of Europe
    Tournasian-Lower Visean Calcareous Foraminifera: Biostratigraphy and Palaeogeography
    Towards vegetation mapping based on the fossil plant record
    Tremadocian trilobites of the Prague Basin, Czech Republic
    Trepostome and cryptostome bryozoans from the Koněprusy Limestone (Lower Devonian, Pragian) of Zlatý Kůň (Czech Republic)
    Trilobiten aus dem Silur der Karnischen Alpen/Österreich. Teil I.
    Die Trilobitenfauna im Nebengestein des meta-alkalibasaltischen Lagerganges vom Wasenbachtal - Abbild unteschiedlicher mariner Lebensräume an der Wende Unter-/Mitteldevon in der südwestlichen Lahnmulde (Rheinisches Schiefergebirge)
    Trilobites and standard Devonian stage boundaries
    Trilobites from the Longlier Formation (Lower Devonian; Neufchâteau Synclinorium, southeast Belgium): first record of Pragian associated "Rhenish" and "Bohemian" assemblages from the Ardennes
    Trilobites of the Klabava Formation (Arenig), Prague Basin, Czech Republic : preliminary report
    Trilobitová fauna čelechovického devonu
    Trocholites Conrad, 1838 (Nautiloidea, Tarphycerida) in the Middle Ordovician of the Prague Basin and its palaeobiogeographical significance
    Tuzoia: Morphology and lifestyle of a large bivalved arthropod of the Cambrian seas
    Übersicht über die fossilen marinen Schildkrötenfamilien Zentraleuropas (Reptilia, Testudines)
    Die untermiozänen Floren aus der Spremberger Folge und dem 2. Flözhorizont in der Lausitz. Teil IV: Fundstellen und Paläobiologie
    The Upper Cretaceous belemnite Praeactinocamax plenus (Blainville, 1827) from Lower Saxony (Upper Cenomanian, northwest Germany) and its distribution pattern in Europe
    Upper Cretaceous Nerineacea of the Bohemian Basin (Czech Republic) and the Saxonian Basin (Germany) and their significance for Tethyan environment
    Upper Devonian-Lower Carboniferous foraminiferal paleobiogeography and Perigondwana terranes at the Baltica-Gondwana interface
    Upper Jurassic-lowermost Cretaceous benthic algae from Tethys and the European platform: a case study from Poland
    Upper Middle Devonian (Givetian) gastropods from the Kersadiou Formation, Brittany, France
    Upper Pleistocene Panthera leo spelaea (Goldfuss, 1810) skeleton remains from Praha-Podbaba and other lion finds from loess and river terrace sites in Central Bohemia (Czech Republic)
    Upper Turonian belemnitellid occurrences in Europe in the light of palaeobiogeography, sealevel fluctuations, and palaeotemperature fluctuations)
    Upper Wenlock and lower Ludlow (Silurian), postextinction graptolites, Všeradice section, Barrandian area, Czech Republic
    Variability in the Ordovician acritarch Dicrodiacrodium
    Vegetation reconstruction at the NW margin of Lake Pannon using Late Miocene seed and fruit assemblages from Eastern Austria
    Všechno je jinak : "centrální paradigma" kvartérní paleoekologie v troskách?
    Výskyt některých "baltických" graptolitů a společenstva mikrofosilií v oblasti peri-Gondwany (12-33 Plzeň)
    Vývoj a paleobiogeografie žab v druhohorách a počátkem třetihor
    Vývoj kenozoické hadí fauny Evropy
    Vývoj, zmeny a štruktúry asociácií jurských brachiopódov
    Výzkum stefanské fauny z vrtů ve středočeských limnických pánvích
    Wenlock and Ludlow cephalopods in the Prague Basin: communities, palaeobiogeography and palaeoecology (Bohemia)
    A xenacanth clasper from the ?uppermost Carboniferous - Lower Permian of Buxieres-les-Mines (Massif Central, France) and the palaeoecology of the European Permo-Carboniferous basins
    Xenacanthiden (Pisces, Chondrichthyes) des mitteleuropäischen Oberkarbon und Perm : revision der Originale zu GOLDFUSS 1847, BEYRICH 1848, KNER 1867 und FRITSCH 1879-1890
    The youngest trigonotarbid Permotarbus schuberti n. gen., n. sp. from the Permian Petrified Forest of Chemnitz in Germany
    Zástupci rodu Varanus ze spodního miocénu lokality Mokrá a jejich evoluční význam
    Země jako ledová koule : je rozvoj mnohobuněčných organizmů výsledkem globálního zalednění?