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    prostředí subtropické
    Additions and revisions to the Early Miocene flora of Lipovany (Southern Slovakia)
    Ectothermic vertebrates (Actinopterygii, Allocaudata, Urodela, Anura, Crocodylia, Squamata) from the Miocene of Sandelzhausen (Germany, Bavaria) and their implications for environment reconstruction and palaeoclimate
    Exposure programme on atmospheric corrosion effects of acidifying pollutants in tropical and subtropical climates
    Die Flora von Parschlug (Steiermark, Österreich) - subtropisch subhumide Vegetationsverhältnisse im Grenzbereich Unter/Mittel-Miozän
    Geographic and temporal patterns in the late Neogene (12-3 Ma) aridification of Europe : the use of small mammals as paleoprecipitation proxies
    Hydrogeologická problematika kuželového krasu regionu Guangxi v jižní Číně
    Morphotectonic evidence for chronodynamics of uplift in the East Nepal Himalaya
    A noteworthy cycad, Ceratozamia hofmannii Ettingshausen 1887, from the Lower Miocene of Austria re-examined
    Palaeoclimatic interpretations of the Grünbach Flora (Early Campanian, Lower Austria)
    Revisions to the Early Oligocene flora of Flörsheim (Mainz Basin, Germany) based on epidermal anatomy
    Tuzoia: Morphology and lifestyle of a large bivalved arthropod of the Cambrian seas