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    Camouflaged trilobites?
    The coiled Devonian crinoid Ammonicrinus - a spined soft-bottom dweller feeding through active ligament pumping
    Division of Carboniferous lycospores
    The genus Plicatula Lamarck, L801 [i.e. 1801], in the Lower Cretaceous of the Mirdita zone (Albania)
    A new giant discinoid brachiopod from the Lower Devonian of Algeria
    Paleontological characteristics of reticulate nummulites from the areas of Damascus and Dmer (Syria)
    Pseudoasterophyllites cretacea - herbaceous magnoliid angiosperm
    Sternbergites gen. nov., a new sub-arborescent isosporous compression lycopsid from the Pennsylvanian of the Czech Republic
    Unusually preserved Metaconularia manni (Roy, 1935) from the Silurian of Iowa, and the systematics of the genus
    Variabilita schránek některých silurských a devonských nautiloidů s poznámkami k jejich systematickému zařazení