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    složení minerální
    Bazický masiv San Juan del Río Coco
    Fe-oxyhydroxide cementation in Cretaceous sandstones, Northern Bohemia: relation to young volcanic activity
    Mineral composition of sediments in the water reservoirs and their contamination
    Mineralogy and chemistry of conventional and fluidised bed coal ashes
    Mineralogy and chemistry of the bi-metasomatic contact zone between gneiss and marble from Žulová, Czech Republic
    Mineralogy and geochemistry of loesses in southern Moravia
    Mineralogy and trace element chemistry of classical and FBC fly ashes
    Mineralogy of extremely fractionated phosphorus-rich granite - Podlesí, Czech Republic
    Origin of the neoidic fluorite mineralization in the Brno Massif, Czech Republic: cathodoluminescence, REE, fluid inclusion and stable isotope study
    Provenance of the Lower Carboniferous Culm sediments of the Drahany Upland (Czech Republic), derived from garnet chemistry
    Sorpce Cs v bentonitech a sedimentárních horninách