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    smrčinský pluton
    Chemical composition of radioactive accessory minerals: implications for the evolution, alteration, age, and uranium fertility of the Fichtelgebirge granites (NE Bavaria, Germany)
    Composition of monazite and xenotime from the Fichtelgebirge granites : an electron microprobe study
    Constraints on the origin of zonation of the granite complexes in the Fichtelgebirge (Germany and Czech Republic) : evidence from a gravity and geochemical study
    Distribution of Th, U and K and petrophysical properties of granites in the Czech part of the Smrčiny (Fichtelgebirge) pluton
    Evolution of the Czech parts of the Smrčiny/Fichtelgebirge granite pluton
    Formation of tabular plutons - results and implications of centrifuge modelling
    Granitoid magmatism of the NW Bohemian massif revealed : Gravity data, composition, age relations and phase concept
    Late- to post-magmatic extensive alteration of the Fichtelgebirge granite pluton (NW Bohemian massif): evidences from mineral chemistry and stable isotope data
    Microflora in the Wettinquelle, a mineral spring with high gas content of a deep subsurface origin
    Microthermometric Study of Silicate Melt Inclusions in Variscan Granites from SE Germany : volatile Contents and Entrapment Conditions
    A multidisciplinary approach combining geochemical gravity and structural data: implications for pluton emplacement and zonation
    Petrogenesis of the Variscan granites in the western edge of the Bohemian Massif
    The Saxo-Danubian Granite Belt: magmatic response to post-collisional delamination of mantle lithosphere below the south-western sector of the Bohemian Massif (Variscan orogen)
    Variations in the gas composition, the delta13C of methane and the Fe concentration at the Wettinquelle mineral spring, Bad Brambach (Germany) : interaction between earthquake swarm processes, fluids and microbiological activity