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    Acidification potential of deposition in Norway spruce forests in Finland and the Czech Republic during the 1990´s
    Compositional evolution and substitutions in disseminated and nodular tourmaline from leucocratic granites: Examples from the Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic
    The crystal chemistry of paulingite
    The crystal chemistry of the zippeite group
    Decompression plagioklase rims around metastable kyanite crystals in Moldanubian granulites - a clue to equilibration volumes in water-deficient metamorphic rocks
    Dekompresní plagioklasové domény v moldanubických granulitech - klíč k odhadům ekvilibračního objemu ve vysoce metamorfovaných horninách
    Diffusion-controlled development of silica-undersaturated domains in felsic granulites of the Bohemian Massif (Variscan belt of Central Europe)
    Distribuce alkálií v karbonátových horninách líšeňského souvrství v prostoru mezideponie ve východní části velkolomu Mokrá (Moravský kras)
    Do NaOH amendments control the chemical and biological production of sulphate in aerated mine lake sediments?
    Does NaOH supplement control sulphate production in aerated mine lake sediment?
    Element mobility during feldspar alteration: textural evidence from cathodoluminiscence and electron microprobe study of an example from a tonalite (High Tatra, Poland-Slovakia)
    An expanded non-Arrhenian model for silicate melt viscosity : a treatment for metaluminous, peraluminous and peralkaline liquids
    Factors controlling streamwater chemistry changes during hydrological episodes (Jezeří catchment, Krušné hory Mountains, Czech Republic)
    The influence of the tree composition and management practices on nutrient status of forest ecosystems: a comparative study between virgin beech-dominated and managed spruce stands
    Interakce bayeritu a kyseliny křemičité v slabě kyselém prostředí za normálních podmínek
    Intercalation of Na-montmorillonite with tetraalkyl-(aryl) ammonium cations
    Klinoptilolit-Na z Doubravice u Jičína : 03-43 Jičín
    Die Kristallstruktur des Minerals Hainit
    Lemanskiite, NaCaCu5(AsO4)4Cl.5H2O, a new mineral species from the Abundancia mine, Chile
    Mapping base cation deposition in Europe on a 10 x 20 km grid
    Mineral inclusions in pyrope from garnet peridotites, Kolín area, central Czech Republic
    New 207Pb/206Pb zircon ages from the East Karkonosze Metamorphic Complex, West Sudetes - evidence of the Late Cambrian-Early Ordovician magmatism
    Origin of groundwater mineralization in coarse-grained lower Badenian aquifer in the Czech part of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin
    Recovery from acidification during ten years of the covered catchment experiment at Gardsjön, Sweden, followed by four years after the roof was removed
    Spatial and temporal changes in aluminum, iron, and base cations during an acidic episode at East Bear Brook, Maine USA
    Stream water recovery in the Czech Republic? - Results from the GEOMON network of catchments
    Streamwater recovery from acidification in the Black Triangle. 1, Regional changes in the Slavkov Forest, Czech Republic between 1991 and 2001
    Study of organically modified clays : molecular modelling and experiment
    Ultrahigh-pressure grossular-rich garnetite from the Moldanubian Zone, Czech Republic
    Vlivy chemického ošetřování vozovky na kvalitu podzemní vody : 14-41 Šumperk
    Wagnerite in a cordierite-gedrite gneiss: Witness of long-term fluid-rock interaction in the continental crust (Ile d'Yeu, Armorican Massif, France)
    XRD analysis and modelling of Na-montmorillonite intercalated with octadecylamine