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    Biometric analysis of Praeactinocamax plenus (Blainv.) from the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin
    Classifcation of the subfamilies of Cleridae (Coleoptera: Cleroidea)
    Cunninghamites ubaghsii (Taxodiaceae?) from the Maastrichtian type area (Late Cretaceous, SE Netherlands) rediscovered
    Diptyxis Oppenheim (Nerineacea, Gastropoda) from the Lower Cretaceous of Albania. On the distribution of the genus Diptyxis
    Druh Ormathops inflatus (Želízko, 1922) (Trilobita) z českého ordoviku (dobrotiv, spodní beroun) v západní části pražské pánve (Barrandien) : 12-33 Plzeň, Rokycany
    Early evolution of phyllocarid arthropods: phylogeny and systematics of Cambrian-Devonian archaeostracans
    Early Miocene quails (Aves: Phasianidae) from Saint-Gérard-le-Puy, France
    Early Miocene records of Craigia (Malvaceae s.l.) in the Most Basin, North Bohemia - whole plant approach
    A further oncocerid nautiloid from the Upper Silurian of Southwest Sardinia
    Geralinura carbonaria (Arachnida; Uropygi) from Mazon Creek, Illinois, USA, and the origin of subchelate pedipalps in whip scorpions
    Iberopora bodeuri GRANIER & BERTHOU 2002 (incertae sedis) from the Plassen Formation (Kimmeridgian-Berriasian) of the Tethyan Realm
    The late Eifelian rhynchonellid (brachiopod) genus Isopoma Torley, 1934, and Isipomidae n. fam.
    Lochkovian/Pragian GSSP revisited: evidence about conodont taxa and their stratigraphic distribution
    Morphology, taxonomy and distribution of the Cretaceous coral genus Preverastraea (Late Barremian-Cenomanian; Scleractinia)
    Myotis horaceki pro Myotis intermedius ZIEGLER 2000 (Chiroptera, Mammalia) (=non Myotis bechsteini intermedius RYBÁR 1976)
    Neue Cupressocrinitidae (Crinoidea) aus den mitteldevonischen Kalkmulden der Eifel (linksrheinisches Schiefergebirge, Deutschland)
    New finds of ichnofossils from the Middle Cambrian of the Barrandian area (Czech Republic)
    New finds of Ochotonoma csarnotana (Lagomorpha, Ochotonidae) from the Pliocene of Hungary: a new look on the species
    New index of the genera, subgenera, and species of Barrandian trilobites. Part A-B (Cambrian and Ordovician)
    Notes of validity of several Silurian and Lower Devonian genera of Atrypida (Brachiopoda) in the Prague Basin, Czech Republic
    Novelties on Araucaria Juss. (Araucariaceae, Pinopsida) from the European Cretaceous
    Oligocenní sladkovodní ichtyofauna lokality Byňov v Českém středohoří : 02-41 Ústí nad Labem
    On some lichid trilobites from Silurian and Devonian from Prague Basin (Bohemia)
    On the genus Dicranogmus Hawle and Corda, 1847 (Trilobita, Lichidae)
    On the genus Megasaphus Kácha and Petr, 1996 (Trilobita) from the Ordovician of the Prague Basin
    The Ordovician acritarch Frankea: some critical remarks
    Peronopsis umbonata (Hawle et Corda, 1847), nomenclatoricaly correct name for species Hypagnostus umbonatus (Hawle et Corda, 1847) and Peronopsis palmadon Kordula et Šnajdr, 1979 from Barrandian Middle Cambrian (Czech Republic)
    Plutonides hicksi (Salter) from the Middle Cambrian of Skryje-Týřovice area (Czech Republic)
    The presence in Morocco of the late Famenian genus Hadyrhyncha Havlíček, 1979 (rhynchonellid, brachiopod)
    A redescription of the Late Carboniferous eurypterids Adelophthalmus granosus von Meyer, 1853 and A. zadrai Přibyl, 1952
    Remarks to the article F.C. Shaw: Trilobites of the Králův Dvůr Formation (Ordovician) of the Prague Basin, Czech Republic
    Revision of platanoid foliage from the Cretaceous of the Czech Republic
    A revision of the lower Pennsylvanian "Alethopteris lonchitica (auctorum) and its identity with "Alethopteris urophylla"
    Revision of the supposed Triassic, in fact Silurian genus Triadophyllum Weissermel, 1925 (Anthozoa, Rugosa)
    Die Rotliegendflora des Thüringer Waldes. Teil 3, Farne
    Die Rotliegendflora des Thüringer Waldes. Teil 4, Farnsamer und Farnlaub unbekannter taxonomischer Stellung
    Die Rotliegendflora des Thüringer Waldes. Teil 5, Ginkgophyten, Coniferophyten
    Skupina Acritarcha ve spodním ordoviku pražské pánve (12-33 Plzeň)
    Spinophyllum Wedekind, 1922 (Anthozoa, Rugosa), in the Lower Givetian (Devonian) of the Bohemian Massif
    Survey of the Nassariid gastropods in the Neogene Paratethys (Mollusca: Caenogastropoda: Buccinoidea)
    The trilobite Protostygina and the composition of the Styginidae, with two new genera
    What is Rothina silesica? A taxonomic revision of the genus Rothina (Foraminifera)