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    těkavé látky
    Accessory minerals of the Cínovec (Zinnwald) granite cupola, Czech Republic: indicators of petrogenetic evolution
    Coals from the Ostrava-Karviná Mining District (OKD) and Preconditions of Their Application in Processes of Clean Coal Technology. Part 2, Chemical Composition of the Inorganic Matter of the OKD Coal and its Changes during Laboratory Combustion of Seam Samples of OKD Coals
    Fabric evidence in mineralized granites
    Formation of extremely F-rich hydrous melt fractions and hydrothermal fluids during differentiation of highly evolved tin-granite magmas: a melt/fluid-inclusion study
    Liquidus equilibria in the system K2O-Na2O-Al2O3-SiO2-F2O-1-H2O to 100 MPa. II, Differentiation paths of fluorosilicic magmas in hydrous systems
    Microthermometry of volatile-rich silicate melt inclusion in granitic rocks
    Mikrochemische Elementverteilung in einem Muong-Nong Typ Moldavit von Lhenice
    P-T and fluid evolution of barren and lithium pegmatites from Vlastějovice, Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic
    Textures of mineralized rare-metal granites as a tool for exploration
    Textures of rare-metal granites as exploration tool
    The transition from peraluminous to peralkaline granitic melts : evidence from melt inclusions and accessory minerals
    Vergleich der chemischen Zusammensetzung von Moldaviten aus Böhmen, Mähren, Cheb, Lausitz, Österreich und von anderen Tektiten
    Vergleich der mittleren Chemismen von Modaviten und von potentiellen Ausgangsgesteinen
    Water content of granitic melts from Cornwall and Erzgebirge : a Raman spectroscopy study of melt inclusions
    Zonálnost pňů Li-F granitu