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    variace časové
    Biodiversity of Ordovician in Barrandian area (Bohemian Massif)
    Calcium and strontium isotope signals in forest soil environments during recovery from anthropogenic acidification
    Continuous gas monitoring in the West Bohemian earthquake area, Czech Republic: First results
    The development of mean water chemistry and the significance of acid episodes during 15 years of declining acid deposition
    Downward nitrate trends in drainage water at Lysina, Czech Rep.
    Dynamics of sulfate oxygen isotopes in a spurce die-back affected catchment and at an unpolluted control site
    Fluide als Tracer für aktuell ablaufende geodynamische Prozesse unter dem westlichen Eger Rift
    Gas monitoring in the Nový Kostel swarm quake region, NW Bohemian, Czech Republic 2004-2007
    Increasing silicon concentrations in Bohemian Forest lakes
    Maksymalne dobowe opady atmosferyczne w Karkonoszach w drugiej połowie XX wieku
    Monitoring of atmospheric excess 14C around Paks nuclear power plant, Hungary
    Monitoring of permanent GPS stations at the Sudety Mountains
    The Ordovician biodiversification: Setting an agenda for marine life
    Oustanding legibility of geo-ecological objects in the Giant Mountains
    Peat bog water chemistry
    Post-drilling destabilization of temperature profile in borehole Yaxcopoil-1, Mexico
    Regional ice-mass changes and glacial-isostatic adjustment in Antarctica from GRACE
    Repeated levelling in the Mayrau Mine area using undermining influence theories
    Response of drinking-water reservoir ecosystems to decreased acidic atmospheric deposition in SE Germany: signs of biological recovery
    Signals of extreme weather conditions in Central Europe in GRACE 4-D hydrological mass variations
    Stream water recovery in the Czech Republic? - Results from the GEOMON network of catchments
    Sulfate oxygen isotopes in Central European forests and wetlands
    Temporal trends in the isotope signature of air-borne sulfur in Central Europe
    Trend assessment of deposition, throughfall and runoff water chemistry at the ICP-IM station Kosetice, Czech Republic
    Vegetational changes and development dynamic on the example of the palyno-assemblages in the Cheb Basin, western part of the Ohře Rift, within 40.4 Ma to 1.8 Ma (summary stratigraphical profile from the western part of the Ohře Rift, Czech Republic - Palaeogene to Pliocene)
    Výzkum intenzity procesu krasovění v Moravském krasu v okolí lomu Mokrá za současných klimatických podmínek