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    The influence of the hydration changes on the structure of vermiculites
    Infrared and Raman spectroscopy of acid treated vermiculites
    Metamorphic chlorite and "vermiculitic" phases in mafic dikes from the Maláguide Complex (Betic Cordillera, Spain)
    Mineralogie lokality apatitu od Opalic u Kamenného Újezda
    Modelling of the theoretical X-ray diffraction patterns of the polytype structures of chlorite and vermiculite
    Nanocomposites conducting polyaniline/clay
    Pseudomorfózy Fe-vermikulitu po krystalech biotitu z granodioritů berněnského masivu - krystalochemie, inkluze a alterace
    Silver and/or copper vermiculites and their antibacterial effect
    Structure of vermiculite modified by organic molecules
    Study of ion-exchange on vermiculite by means of carbon paste electrode
    Study of ion exchange on vermiculite by means of carbon paste electrode
    Vermiculite in the soil profile at Nová Ves, South-Bohemia
    Vermiculite mineralization associated with ultramafics in Agasthyapura area, Mysore dist., Karnataka state, India - a mineralogical study
    Voltammetric study of clay minerals properties