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    Analogue modeling of AMS development during emplacement of shallow level volcanic bodies (extrusive domes and laccoliths)
    Archaeometallurgic slags from Kutná Hora
    Changes in moment of inertia due to mantle circulation
    Comparison between Two Methods of Modelling the Flow in a Mantle with Laterally Variable Viscosity
    Complex metamorphic zonation of the Thaya dome: result of buckling and gravitational collapse of an imbricated nappe sequence
    Contrasting Flow Fabrics of Phonolite and Trachyte Domes and Implication to their Emplecement Mode: Example from České Středohoří Mts. - North Bohemia
    Effect of a viscosity interface at 1000 km depth on mantle circulation
    The effect of iron on the rheological and calorimetric properties of silicate melts
    Effect of lateral viscosity vartiations in the core-mantle boundary region on predictions of the long-wavelength geoid
    Effects of chemical composition and temperature on transport properties of silica-rich glasses and melts
    An expanded non-Arrhenian model for silicate melt viscosity : a treatment for metaluminous, peraluminous and peralkaline liquids
    Formation of extremely F-rich hydrous melt fractions and hydrothermal fluids during differentiation of highly evolved tin-granite magmas: a melt/fluid-inclusion study
    Further evidences for slabs in the lower mantle
    The influence of rheological weakening and yield stress on the interaction of slabs with the 370 km discontinuity
    Influence of the load wavelength on the permeability of a viscosity interface in the mantle
    K hloubce litosféry
    Long-wavelength character of subducted slabs in the lower mantle
    Magnetic fabric and rheology of co-mingled magmas in the Nasavrky Plutonic Complex (E Bohemia): implications for intrusive strain regime and emplacement mechanism
    Magnetická stavba říčanského granitu: záznam helikoidálního magmatického toku?
    Microthermometry of volatile-rich silicate melt inclusion in granitic rocks
    Modifikace Runcornovy metody
    Některé problémy vzniku vltavínů III. - Tvary inkluzí a textura ve světle impaktového procesu
    New computing method of wind wave parameters
    Numerical model of heat flow in back-arc regions
    On the Applicability of Theoretical Models of the Motion of Crystals in Viscous Magma
    On the effect of lava viscosity on the magnetic fabric intensity in alkaline volcanic rocks
    Primäre Indochinitformen und ihre Entstehung
    Radial profiles of temperature and viscosity in the Earth's mantle inferred from the geoid and lateral seismic structure
    The Rheological Parameters Controlling Asymmetrical Cretaceous Extensional Process in the Vepor unit, West Carpathians
    Vlastnosti tektitů typu Muong Nong a jejich vztah k podmínkám vzniku