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    vlny seizmické povrchové
    Amplitude spectra of surface waves generated by shot-hole explosions
    Analytical partial derivatives of the phase- and group velocities for Rayleigh waves propagating in a layer on a half-space
    DISECA - a MATLAB code for evaluation of dispersion curve identification methods in shallow seismic survey
    Seismic anisotropy - a method for studying the fabric of deep continental lithosphere. Three-dimensional lithospheric structure and its evolution through time (3-D pattern recognition)
    Seismic anisotropy in continental upper mantle
    Shear wave velocities inferred from surface wave dispersion beneath the Příbram array in the Czech Republic
    Some features of seismic waves observed in the territory of northern Moravia and Silesia
    Study of the upper crustal structure on the territory of Bohemia using seismic waves from quarry blasts
    Verification of the lithospheric structure along profile Uppsala-Prague using surface wave dispersion