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    vrásnění alpinské
    2 - Svahové deformace na kře Maleníku
    3D stavba lomů Mokrá (předběžné výsledky) : 24-41 Vyškov
    40 Ar-39 Ar dating of the Inner Carpathians variscan basement and superposed alpine mylonitic overprinting
    100 years after Pierre Termier´s discovery of the Tauern Window: What lesson should we learn?
    Activity timing of the main tectonic systems in the Carpathian-Pannonian region in relation to the "roll-back destruction of the lithosphere"
    Activity timing of the main tectonic systems in the Carpathian-Pannonian region in relation to the rollback destruction of the lithosphere
    Adakitové trendy v andezitoidech jihovýchodní Moravy
    ALP 2002 Seismic Experiment
    Alpine and Variscan Orogenic Belts Interaction - an Example of the Morphostructural Analysis (Moravosilesian Region of the Bohemian Massif)
    The Alpine-Carpathian-Dinaridic orogenic system: correlation and evolution of tectonic units
    Alpine deformational history of the Internal Albanides (Mesozoic and Early Paleogene)
    Alpine metamorphic recrystallization of the pre-Carboniferous metapelites of the Kohút crystalline complex (the Western Carpathians)
    Alpine Metamorphism of the Tatric Late Paleozoic-Mesozoic Coverin the West Carpathians
    Alpine Rejuvenation of Epi-Hercynian Foreland - the Complex Morphostructural and Tectonic Analysis (Moravosilesian Region, Bohemian Massif)
    Alpine Tectonic Inversion - Principal Mechanism of the Variscan Basement Uplift and Exhumation in the Sudety Mts.
    Alpine Tectonics Revisited: Arguments for a Two-Stage Collision from Alpine-Carpathian Junction
    Alpinská křídová deformace variské kůry v Západních Karpatech: výsledek subdukce a počínající kolise
    Alpínské morfostruktury ve východní části epivariské platformy a jejich význam
    Ammonium Content in the Hercynian Granites of the Western Carpathians and its Petrogenetic Significance
    Analiza tempa depozycji materiału detrytycznego w basenach sedymentacyjnych zachodnich Karpat zewnętrznych jako wskaźnik aktywności tektonicznej ich obszarów źródłowych
    Application of newly developed ArcGIS software extensions for localization of faults and natural zones of methane's escape by morphotectonic analysis (Moravosilesian region)
    Application of thermobarometry and diffusion modelling to European orogenic garnet peridotites: implications for Caledonian, Variscan, and Alpine orogenesis
    Badenian evolution of the Central Paratethys Sea: paleogeography, climate and eustatic sea-level changes
    Balanced geological cross section of the NW part of Outer Flysch Carpathians
    The beginning, development and termination of the Middle Miocene Badenian salinity crisis in Central Paratethys
    Cadomian, Variscan and Alpine imprints in the Bohemian Massif
    The Calcareous Alps below the Vienna Basin in Austria and their Structural and Facial Development in the Alpine-Carpathian Borderzone
    Cenozoic convergence history of the Bohemian Massif and Central Western Carpathians
    Characteristic features of Paleoalpine and Epipaleoalpine landmass of the West Carpathians
    Chromitity z vardarské ofiolitové zóny v Makedonii
    Chronologický model neotektonických pohybů ve střední Evropě
    Chronology of movements in Central Europe in neotectonic era
    Coaxial magnetic fabrics in the basement rocks of the Western Carpathians: a remnant of the Variscan structure within the Alpine edifice
    The complex evolution of the Western Outer Carpathians: implications of flexure- and gravity modelling
    Complex structure study of mutual interaction of Alpine and Variscan orogeny using digital elevation model morphostructural analysis (Moravo-Silesian region - Czech Republic)
    Conjugate shear zones in the Southern Bohemian Massif (Austria): implications for Variscan and Alpine tectonothermal activity
    The Contact of the North European Epivariscan Platform
    Contrasting magnetic fabrics in sedimentary rocks of the accretionary prisms of the Western Carpathians and the eastern Rheno-Hercynian Zone
    Contribution of Geophysics to the Neotectonics and Kinematics of the West Carpathians
    A contribution to the study of the basic geological structure on the contact of the West Carpathians and East Alps with the eastern margin of the Bohemian Massif
    Cooling history of Tatric crystalline basement of Nízke Tatry Mts. (Western Carpathians) inferred from apatite fission track and (U-Th)/He analysis - preliminary results
    Cretaceous Collision in the Western Carpathians: Role of Complex Basement Shape on Crustal-Scale Polyphase Deformation Partitioning
    Crustal structure in the Carpatho-Pannonian region: insights from three-dimensional gravity modelling and their geodynamic significance
    Crustal structure of the eastern Variscides, especially of the Saxothuringian Zone (Erzgebirge - Mid German Crystalline Zone)
    Crustal structure of the Western Carpathians from CELEBRATION 2000 data
    Crustal structures and tectonic processes in the Eastern Alps revealed by recent controlled source seismic experiments
    Crystalline basement of the Malé Karpaty Mts.: geology, lithology and tectonics
    The cyclicity of the Lower Miocene deposits of the SW part of the Carpathian Foredeep as the depositional response to sediment supply and sea-level changes
    Částečně exhumovaný tektonický reliéf jihovýchodního okraje Českého masivu na jihozápadní Moravě a severním Rakousku
    The Črmel basin: sedimentary record of Variscan compression and Early Alpine extension between the Gemericum and the Veporicum terranes (Western Carpathians)
    Deformation partitioning in the oblique convergent zone of the Eastern Alpine-Western Carpathian junction
    Deformation pattern related to an orogen parallel extension event recorded in the Vepor unit, West Carpathians
    Depositional architecture, sequence stratigraphy and geodynamic development of the Carpathian Foredeep (Czech Republic)
    Development of Moravian-Silesian Paleozoic Basin
    Development of the Carpathian Foredeep in Poland
    Duration of Eo-Alpine metamorphic events obtained from multi-component diffusion modeling of garnet: A case study from the Eastern Alps
    Dynamics of landform evolution in the Makalu-Barun region, Nepal Himalaya
    The Early Miocene olistostromes and "Old Styrian overthrusting" in the Polish Western Carpathians
    Early stages of the Polish Carpathian Foredeep development
    European Suture in the Carpathians and the Scientific Problems of the Orava Deep Drilling Project
    Evidence of contrasting low-grade metamorphic conditions from clay mineral assemblages in Triassic Alpujárride-Maláguide transitional units in the Betic Cordilleras, Spain
    Evolution of Meliata-Hallstatt Rift and its Significance for Early Evolution of Alps and Western Carpathians
    Evolution of the Carpathian Flysch belt in Moravia and Western Slovakia
    Evolution of the Late Tertiary Basin in the Northern Carpathians and Their Foreland
    Evolution of the Lower Miocene Basin, Today a Part of the Malé Karpaty Horst Structure
    The evolution of the Massif Central rift: spatio-temporal distribution of the volcanism
    Evolution of the Western Carpathian suture zone - principal geotectonic events
    Evolutionary model for exhumation of the Meliata blueschists, Western Carpathians (Slovakia)
    Exodynamic analysis of the Central Šumava Mts.
    Exotic Triassic Pelagic Limestone Pebbles from the Pieniny Klippen Belt of Poland : A Further Evidence for Early Mesozoic Rifting in West Carpathians
    Exploring for Hydrocarbons Under Thrust Belts - A Challenging New Frontier in the Carpathians and Elsewhere
    Factors controlling progressive deformation of heterogeneous lithosphere: example from Western Carpathians
    Fenomén podkrušnohorského terciéru na příkladech Sokolovska a Chebska
    Fluid inclusion, stable isotope and geochronologic evidence of Cretaceous collision-related formation of hydrothermal veins in the Gemeric basement (Western Carpathians)
    The formation of the West European rift: A new model as exemplified by the Massif Central area
    From extension to compression: Late Miocene stress inversion in the Alpine-Carpathian-Pannonian transition area
    Geochronological constraints of Mesozoic and Tertiary reworking of Paleozoic basement units in SW Carpathians
    Geochronology of Neogene magmatism in the Carpathian arc and intra-Carpathian area
    Geochronology of the crystalline basement of the Western Outer Carpathians' source areas - constraints from K/Ar dating of mica and Th-U-Pb chemical dating of monazite from the crystalline 'exotic' pebbles
    Geodinamičeskaja obstanovka projavlenija kajnozojskogo vulkanizma i rudogeneza Kavkaza i Karpat
    Geodynamic analysis of the Nízké Tatry Mountains based on geophysical and remote sensed data
    Geodynamic evolution of the orogen: the West Carpathians and Ouachitas case study
    Geodynamic evolution of the Subsilesian realm
    Geodynamic Evolution of the West Carpathians during the Neogene
    Geodynamic evolution of the western part of the Carpathian Foredeep
    Geodynamic Evolution Stages in the Outer Carpathians
    Geodynamická evoluce krymsko-černomořské oblasti
    Geodynamický model styku Českého masívu a Západních Karpat (úkol VaV/630/1/97)
    Geodynamický model styku Českého masivu a Západních Karpat (úkol VaV/630/1/97)
    Geodynamics and generation of hydrocarbons in the region of the Vienna basin, Austria
    Die "geognostische" Gliederung der Karpaten und Alpen durch BORN und FERBER (1770/71) als Grundlage der "Klassifikation der Gebirgsarten" von C.M. HAIDINGER (1785)
    The geological development of the West Carpathians in Moravia (Czech Republic) during Neogene time
    Geological structure of the West Carpathian Flysch Belt and its relation to the Eastern Alps
    Geologická dokumentace zářezu železničního koridoru západně Bělotína (Moravská brána) : 25-123 Hranice
    Geologická historie Pavlovských vrchů na jižní Moravě
    Geologická stavba flyšového podloží vídeňské pánve
    Geologický a strukturní vývoj hornoslezské pánve
    Geologický vývoj podslezské jednotky
    Geologický význam výskytu Pb-Zn mineralizace v devonských vápencích Moravského krasu (24-41 Vyškov)
    Geologie flyšového pásma Karpat na Moravě
    Geology and hydrocarbon resources of the Outer West Carpathians and their foreland, Czech Republic
    Geology and hydrocarbon resources of the Outer Western Carpathians and their foreland, Czech Republic
    Geology of Ostrava-Karviná Coalfield
    Geometrická analýza neogenních šťěrků na několika lokalitách ve střední části karpatské předhlubně (24-43 Šlapanice, 24-44 Bučovice, 24-42 Kojetín, 25-13 Přerov)
    Geometry and sequence of thrusting in the Subalpine Molasse of western Austria and Bavaria
    Geomorfologické projevy orogeneze Himálaje a Karákóramu
    Geomorphic evolution and present-day geomorphic processes of the southern part of the Crimean peninsula (Ukraine)
    Geomorphological aspects of late Saxonian epiplatform orogeny of the Bohemian Massif. Part 1
    Geomorphological aspects of the late Saxonian epiplatform orogeny of the Bohemian Massif. Part 2
    Geophysical and Geological Model of the Contact Area of the Bohemian Massif and Carpathian Flysh Belt
    II. Geotectonic background of origin of Western Carpathian sedimentary Basins
    Hercynian and Alpine brittle deformation of the Bruno-Vistulicum and its sedimentary cover units in the footwall of the Outer Western Carpathians (E part of the Czech Republic)
    Herzyniden und Varisziden in Polen
    High-density nitrogen inclusions in barite from a giant siderite vein: implications for Alpine evolution of the Variscan basement of Western Carpathians, Slovakia
    Hydrothermal Mineralization in the Moravian Karst near Býčí Skála Cave: Post-Variscan Deformation History?
    Impact of the tectonic evolution of the Western Carpathians on the Brno Massif
    The Influence of Carpathians Nappes on Tectonic Structures of the Czech Part of Upper Silesian Coal Basin
    Inheritance or tectonic Adjustment?
    Integrated geophysical, structural geology and petrological studies of the continental lithosphere in the Western Carpathians
    Interaction between Alpine and Variscan orogeny on the basis of study digital elevation models - Moravosilesian area
    Intraformační slepenec v sedimentech spodního miocénu v oblasti Ždánického lesa
    Inversion of the Carpathian Foredeep in Moravia: Reflection seismic evidence
    Investigation of rejuvenated fault zones in Karviná basin using morphotectonic analysis
    Jurassic-Cretaceous controversies in the Western Carpathian Flysch: the "black flysch" case study
    Jurská vápencová bradla karpatského flyše: tektonické šupiny nebo olistolity?
    K poznání morfostrukturních rysů reliéfu moravské části Západních Karpat a Panonské pánve
    Kompresní křehká deformace v sedimentech karpatu u Nítkovic (střední část karpatské předhlubně)
    Konjugierte Scherzonen in der südlichen Böhmischen Masse: variszische und alpidische kinematische Entwicklungen, Projekt S4713
    Křehká deformace jurských vápenců na Stránské skále v Brně (24-43 Šlapanice)
    Late Cretaceous intra-Austroalpine collisional events as evidenced in the Veporic and Gemeric terranes in Slovakia
    Late Cretaceous to early Miocene deposits of the Carpathian foreland basin in southern Moravia
    Late Jurassic to Early Miocene tectonic evolution and palaeogeography of the Western Outer Carpathians
    Late Jurassic to Early Miocene tectono-sedimentary evolution of the Magura Basin (Western Carpathians)
    Late Variscan-Alpine Structure of the North-Veporic Zone in the Central Western Carpathians
    Late Variscan and Alpine geodynamics of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin
    Laterale Änderungen entlang der Alpin-Karpatischen Überschiebungsfront im Bereich der Waschberg-Zdanice Einheit (Österreich-Tschechien)
    Ligurian ocean crustal suture beneath the West Carpathians from deep seismic reflection profiling
    Lithospheric structure of the Carpathian Mountains, Pannonian basin and Eastern Alps based on seismic data
    Litológia malcovského súvrstvia (magurská jednotka)
    Long-term landscape evolution of the northeastern margin of the Bohemian Massif: apatite fission-track data from the Erzgebirge (Germany)
    Low-pressure/high-temperature metamorphism of Permian age in the Vepor Unit, West Carpathians
    Lower Miocene of the Hustopeče Gate
    Lower/Middle Miocene structural evolution of the overthrust of the Western Carpathians in South Moravia (Czech Republic)
    Ložisko Tyrnyauz v elbruské oblasti Velkého Kavkazu
    Magnetic anisotropy of clayey and silty members of Tetriary flysch from the Silesian and Skole nappes (Outer Carpathians)
    Magnetic anisotropy of the Silesian nappe (Western Outer Carpathians)
    Magnetic fabric and ductile deformation differences between the Magura and Krosno groups of thrust sheets of the Flysch Belt of the West Carpathians and their tectonic implications
    Magnetic fabric in Inner West Carpathian rocks and its post-Cretaceous rearrangements
    Magnetic field of the Western Carpathians (Slovakia): reflections on the structure of the crust
    Magnetická stavba granitických a mezozoických hornín Veľkej Fatry - implikácia na hercýnsky a alpínsky vývoj
    The Magura Accretionary Wedge-Stages In Development (Magura Nappe, Western Carpathians, Poland)
    Maroko očima geologa
    Metamorphic chlorite and "vermiculitic" phases in mafic dikes from the Maláguide Complex (Betic Cordillera, Spain)
    Metamorphic conditions of the Veporic Unit in the Western Carpathians
    Metamorphic evolution of the Veporicum (contribution to possible correlation with the Eastern Alps)
    Metamorphic petrology of metabasites from the Branisko and Čierna Hora Mountains (Western Carpathians, Slovakia)
    Metamorphism and exhumation processes of the Shotur Kuh Metamorphic Complex, Semnan province (Central Iran zone)
    Mg- and Fe-metasomatism from Gemer-Vepor Contact Zone
    Microstructural record of an orogen-parallel extension in the Vepor Unit, West Carpathians
    Microstructures and Finite Strain Pattern in Heterogeneous Crustal Extension, an Example from the Vepor Basement of the West Carpathians
    Middle European Belt of Magnetic Anomalies and its Geological Interpretation
    The mineral parageneses and mineralogical evolution of the ophiolitic eclogites and related rocks from the Sierra Nevada (Betic Cordillera, Southeastern Spain)
    Miocene compressive tectonics in the southern part of the Carpathian Foredeep (Czechia - SE Moravia)
    Miocene development of the Carpathian arc and Pannonian Basin: subduction driven interaction of the Alps, Dinarides and Balkan lithospheric blocks
    Miocene Faulting and Block Rotation (Malé Karpaty Mts.,Brezovské Karpaty Mts.)
    Miocene tectonics at the Alpine-Carpathian junction and the evolution of the Vienna basin
    A Model for the Mechanism of the Alpine Overprint of Magnetic Fabric in the Late Variscan Vepor Pluton granitic rocks, Western Carpathians
    Model interpretation of paleotectonic rotations in the Alpine and Variscan collision zones
    Model vzniku miocenních předhlubní na Ostravsku (15-43 Ostrava, 15-44 Karviná, 25-11 Velký Újezd, 25-12 Hranice, 25-13 Přerov, 25-21 Nový Jičín)
    Morfostruktura a zarovnané povrchy Rusavské hornatiny
    Morfostrukturní analýza jako vhodná metoda studia strukturně-geologické stavby aplikovaná na příkladu moravskoslezské oblasti
    Morfostrukturní polygeneze Vnějších Západních Karpat (na příkladu Západních Beskyd)
    Morfotektonika epikratonního křídla kolizních předhlubní na příkladu jihovýchodního okraje Českého masívu
    Morphostructural Analysis of the Mutual Relationships and Tectonic Influence of the Variscan and Alpine Orogeny in the Northern Part of the Moravosilesian Zone
    Nappe tectonics and source areas of the Magura flysch
    Nástin variské tektonické rotace na Moravě při hlubokém porušení kůry
    Nástup krosněnské sedimentace ve flyšovém pásmu Karpat na Moravě
    Násunová stavba lomů Mokrá-Horákov
    Násunová tektonika v jižní části Moravského krasu
    Několik poznámek ke geologii a roponosnosti Iráku
    Neogene alkaline magmatism in Central Europe: the role of Hercynian lithosphere as a magma source component
    Neogene climatic changes and geodynamics of the Central Parathethys
    Neogene Deformations of the Core Mountains of the Central Western Carpathians as Indicated by Magnetic Anisotropy
    Neogene-Recent magmatism and the geodynamics of rifting in Europe
    The Neogene remagnetization and petromagnetic study of the Early Cretaceous limestone beds from the Río Argos (Caravaca, Province of Murcia, SE Spain)
    Neogene sequence stratigraphy of the Western Carpathian Basins
    Neogene Tectonics and Paleostress Changes in the Czechoslovakian Part of the Vienna Basin
    Neotectonic rejuvenation of Variscan structures in relation to tracing of methane escape: preliminary note (Upper Silesian Coal Basin, Moravosilesian area, Bohemian Massif)
    Neotectonics of Poland: A state-of-art review. Neotectonic of Poland: Some new achievements
    New Approach to Interpretation of Superposed Cleavage Patterns in Weak Rocks result of Independent Movements of Rigid Basement Promotories on an Example of the Gemer Unit
    New Progress in Deciphering Structural and Metamorphic Evolution of the Vepor Basement in West Carpathians
    New results of exploration work in the Nesvacilka and Vranovice grabens
    New Trends in Geomagnetism VII, palaeo, rock and environmental magnetism : 7th Castle Meeting : Moravany Castle Meeting, Slovak Republic, June 19-25, 2000
    Nové geochronologické výskumy v kryštaliniku veporika a ich geologická interpretácia
    Nové poznatky o telesách bazických vulkanitov v Krížňanskom príkrove sz.části Velkej Fatry
    Nové výsledky výskumu magnetickej stavby kryštalinika Považského Inovca
    O neotektonice
    Oblique Neogene Subduction of the European Plate Beneath the Vienna Basin
    Ohárecký rift v tektogenním vývoji Evropy
    On Late Cenozoic vertical motions, depocenter shifts and the evolution of the Carpathian arc
    On Late Oligocene to Pliocene depocentre migrations and the evolution of the Carpathian-Pannonian system
    On Origin of Mountain Arcs in Northern Alpine System of Europe
    Orientace hlavních os paleonapětí v jižní části Pálavy (34-14 Mikulov)
    The orientation distribution of single joint sets
    Orientations of paleostresses in the Jurassic limestones on the front of the West Carpathian flysch nappes (Pavlov Hills, South Moravia)
    Origin and metamorphic evolution of magnesite-talc and adjacent rocks near Gemerská Poloma, Slovak Republic
    Orogen parallel extension in the Veporic Unit, West Carpathians
    Outer West Carpathian Geostructures and their Forming by Plate Tectonic Mechanisms
    Oválné hrásťové morfostruktury ve svratecké klenbě moravika na Tišnovsku (24-32 Brno, 24-14 Boskovice)
    An overview of recent seismic refraction experiments in Central Europe
    P-T conditions and an extent of the first Alpine deformation event recorded in the Vepor Unit, West Carpathians
    Palaeoecological evaluation of the Karpathian sediments in the southern part of the Carpathian Foredeep using trend analysis
    Palaeogeography and palaeotectonics of the Alpo-Carpatho-Pannonian and adjacent blocks based on palaeomagnetic data: Neogene to Permian
    Palaeomagnetism and palaeogeography of the Western Carpathians from the Permian to the Neogene
    Palaeomagnetism, palaeotectonics and palaeogeography of Cretaceous and Cenozoic rocks of the Western Carpathians
    Paleo-stress field and tectonic evolution of the Vienna basin and adjacent areas since the Oligocene
    Paleoecology and eustasy: Miocene 3rd order cycles of relative sea-level changes in the Western Carpathian-North Pannonian basins
    Paleogene sediments below the base of a Mesozoic nappe in the Humenské vrchy Mts. (Podskalka borehole): Stratigraphic constraints for Tertiary thrust tectonics
    Paleogeografie a litologie autochtonního miocénu na s. Moravě (Abstrakt přednášky)
    Paleogeographic and tectonic evolution of the Carpathian Flysch Belt of the Southern Moravia (Czech Republic)
    Paleogeographic significance of the Upper Karpatian and Lower Badenian deposits along the eastern margin of the Carpathian Foredeep (South Moravia)
    Paleogeography, paleobathymetry and relative sea-level changes in the Danube basin and adjacent areas
    Paleostress Fields and Neogene Geologic History of Eastern Part of Danube Basin
    Paleotectonic evolution of the Malé Karpaty Mts.- an overview
    Paleotectonic reconstruction of notrh-west part of Western Outer Carpathians
    Particularities of Alpide segments, tectonotypes, arcs and different flysch basins in the Western Carpathians
    Pb -isotope study of selected European Sb-mineralizations
    Petrogenetic relationship between deformation and alteration on the example of the extension tectonics of the Veporicum crystalline basement (Central Western Carpathians)
    Petrology, geochemistry and metamorphic evolution of the ophiolitic eclogites and related rocks from the Sierra Nevada (Betic Cordilleras, Southeastern Spain)
    Phanerozoic History of the Western Carpathian Area: Multiple Crustal Stretching, Stacking and Splitting
    Phanerozoic paleogeography of Central Europe
    Plate-tectonic evolution and paleogeography of the circum-Carpathian region
    Plio-Pleistocene megacycles: record of climate and tectonics
    Pohybová štúdia vybranej oblasti jednotky Veĺkého Boku
    Pokus o paleohydrogeologii severní Moravy
    Polyfázový deformační záznam na východním kontaktu veporské a gemerské jednotky Západních Karpat
    Polymetamorphic evolution of pelitic schists and evidence for Permian low-pressure metamorphism in the Vepor Unit, West Carpathians
    Possible effects of tectonic shear strain on phyllosilicates: a case study from the Kandersteg area, Helvetic domain, Central Alps, Switzerland
    A Possible palinspastic arrangement during the Jurassic in the West Carpathian territory
    Poznámky ke článku T. Ondřeje "Zarovnané povrchy Valašskobystřické vrchoviny a jejího severního předpolí" (Geografie - Sborník ČGS, 105, č. 4, 2000)
    Poznámky ke geologickému vývoji severozápadní části Hornomoravského úvalu : 24-21 Jevíčko, 24-22 Olomouc, 24-23 Protivanov, 24-24 Prostějov
    Pre-conference fieldtrip: structure and metamorphism of the Meliata Unit
    Pre-variscan, Variscan and Early Alpine thermo-tectonic history of the north-eastern Bohemian Massif: An 40Ar/39Ar study
    Present knowledge of tectogenesis of Veporicum (West Carpathians)
    Principal geological and geophysical characteristic of the Alpine-Carpathian Pannonian junction
    Probíhající morfostrukturní výzkum mariánskolázeňského zlomu
    Prognózne zdroje rudných surovín okolia Banskej Bystrice
    Přínos vrtu Velké Pavlovice-2 k poznání tektogeneze ždánické jednotky (34-21 Hustopeče)
    Quantitative subsidence analysis in the Vienna, Danube and East Slovakian Basins
    Recent geodynamic processes in the Himalaya and the Karakoram
    Recent state of knowledge of the deep structure of the Eastern Alps: a review
    Recent tectonic activity and orientations of the principal stresses in the Jeseníky region
    Reconstructing P-T paths during continental collision using multi-stage garnet (Gran Paradiso nappe, Western Alps)
    Reconstructing P-T paths from multistage garnets (Gran Paradiso nappe, Western Alps)
    Regional Extension of Hydrothermal Veins - Result of an Important Deformation Event in the Moravosilesian Paleozoic
    Reliéf Národního parku Podyjí a jeho okolí jako styčné oblasti Českého masivu a Karpatské soustavy
    Review of the Cenozoic evolution of the Carpathian-Pannonian region: crustal events
    The Rheological Parameters Controlling Asymmetrical Cretaceous Extensional Process in the Vepor unit, West Carpathians
    Rocks Slopes of the High Tatras Mountains
    The Rodl Shear Zone in the southern Bohemian Massif
    Die Rodl-Störung in der südlichen Böhmischen Masse
    The role of the epi-Variscan basement in the Alpidic tectonic evolution of the Central Western Carpathians
    Role of the pre-Mesozoic Mont-Blanc massif in the Alpine frontal collision: tilting of the basement block
    Role of uplift and erosion in petroleum systems of the West Carpathian basins in Czech Republic and Slovakia
    Rozwój basenu magurskiego w górnej kredzie i paleogenie
    Rudists from the Albanian Alps zone (Northern Albania)
    Rychlosti sedimentace spodního miocénu ve vrtu Nosislav-3
    Second order sequence boundary in the Alpine-Carpatho-Pannonian Paleogene
    Sedimente des Wiener Beckens und seiner alpinen und subalpinen Unterlagerung
    Seismic anisotropy beneath the Northern Apennines (Italy) : mantle flow or lithosphere fabric?
    Seismogenic zones in the eastern Alpine-Western Carpathian-Pannonian junction area
    Shallow Reflection Seismic Prospecting of the Kurovice Klippe (Magura Flysch) and its Structural Interpretation
    Shear zones and arc structure of Gemericum, the Western Carphathians
    Shear zones and types of deformations of ore veins in Gemericum, Western Carpathians
    Sm-Nd isotope tracer study of UHP metamorphic rocks : implications for continental subduction and collisional tectonics
    Some remarks to an emplacement mechanism of the West Carpathian paleo-Alpine nappes
    Spät- und postvariszische tektonische Entwicklung im Umfeld der Kontinentalen Tiefbohrung Oberpfalz (KTB)
    Spatial (GIS) analysis of relief and lithology of the Vsetínské vrchy Mountains (Outer West Carpathians, Czech Republic)
    Stratigraphical position of Albanian bauxites. Paleotectonic implications
    Structural interpretation of the Choč nappe outliers of the Chočské vrchy Mts.
    The structural position and tectonosedimentary evolution of the Polish Outer Carpathians
    Structural profile through the Brno massif
    Structure and petrology of the western part of the Meliata Unit, West Carpathians
    Studium orientace hlavních os paleonapětí v širším okolí Moravské brány - výsledky první etapy (25-11 Hlubočky, 25-13 Přerov, 25-14 Valašské Meziříčí)
    Subduction in the remnant Carpathian Flysch Basin
    Subsequent Closure of Tethyan Basins as Recorded in West Carpathians
    Subsidence, lithofacies and diagenesis in the Carpathian Foredeep, Czech Republic
    Supracrustal Structural Record of Plate Convergence
    Syn-Lithification Tectonic Deformation in the Flysch of the Western Outer Carpathians(Poland)
    Tectonic Environment and Magnetic Susceptibility of the West Carpathian Granites
    Tectonic events of the Neoalpine orogeny in the Carpathian Flysch Belt (South Moravia)
    Tektogeneze flyšového pásma a jeho podloží na území středomoravského bloku (východní Morava) (24-42 Kojetín, 24-44 Bučovice, 34-22 Hodonín, 25-31 Kroměříž, 25-33 Uherské Hradiště, 25-34 Luhačovice a 35-12 Strání)
    Tektonický a morfologický vývoj jv. okraje Českého masivu při podsouvání pod Karpaty
    Tektonický vznik paleogénnych panví Západných Karpát
    Tektonika čs. části hornoslezské pánve ve vztahu k vytěžitelnosti slojí s postupem do větších hloubek a vlivům na současný georeliéf
    Temperature modelling along the profile 2T crossing the West Carpathians
    Terénní a laboratorní dokumentace stavebního odkryvu na západním okraji Bělotína, Moravská brána : 25-12 Hranice
    Das Tertiär der Böhmischen Masse in Südmähren
    Tertiary development of Carpathian-Pannonian region: crustal processe
    Tertiary development of the West Carpathian accretionary wedge : implications for maturation history and sediment provenances
    Tertiary Evolution of the Intra-Carpathian Area: a Model
    Tertiary subduction mechanism of the Carpathian-Pannonian region
    Ti-bearing andradite-prehnite-epidote assemblage from the Malá Fatra granodiorite and tonalite (Western Carpathians)
    To rotate or not to rotate: Palinspastic reconstruction of the Carpatho-Pannonian area during the Miocene
    Transects across the geological units of the Western Carpathians and interpretation (seismic, gravity, magnetoteluric)
    Transgemerický tektonický systém a jeho interpretace z údajů dálkového průzkumu země (DPZ)
    Transition from Convergence to Escape: Field Evidence from the West Carpathians
    Transition from convergence to escape: field evidence from the West Carpathians
    Transition from convergence to escape: field evidence from the West Carpathians
    Two-dimensional model of subsidence and thermal maturation in the West Carpathian fold and thrust belt and foreland, Czech Republic
    Upper Cretaceous through Paleogene Evolution of Magura Basin
    Variegated beds from Blatnička in the Bílé Karpaty Unit: Results from the test trenches
    Variscan and Alpidic nappe structures of the Western Carpathian crystalline basement
    Variscan and Post-Variscan Paleostresses on the Southeastern Margin of the Nízký Jeseník Region (Czech Republic)
    Variscan nappes in the Alpine structure of the West Carpathians
    Varying denudation and uplift pattern across the Elbe Fault System, East Germany
    Vertically decoupled thickening and exhumation processes in orogenic supra- and infra-structure during building of Gemer-Vepor continental wedge
    Vienna and Pannonian Basin in Central Europe : Comparison of Neogene Sedimentation and Tectonics
    The Vienna Basin: A Thin-Skinned Pull-Apart Basin
    The Vienna basin
    Vienna Basin and Adjacent Tectonic Units: Structural-Tectonic Elements Mapped by Means of the Gravimetry
    Vltavíny v geomorfologickém vývoji jihovýchodníc části Českého masívu
    Vybrané problémy geomorfologie Vsetínských vrchů
    Vybrané problémy říční sítě v povodí Jihlavy
    Výskyt gladitu v rudních žilách v okolí Phan Rangu (Vietnam)
    Využití GIS při detekci neotektoniky na příkladu Vsetínských vrchů a okolí
    Were the Outer Polish Carpathian Basins Floored by Alpine Oceanic Crust?-Evidence from Heavy Minerals
    The West Carpathian Crystalline Basement Nappe Formation
    The Western Carpathian rebus of the Penninicum: an approximation of Alpine model or reality?
    The Western Carpathians and Ouachitas: a comparative study of geodynamic evolution
    The Western Carpathians: interaction of Hercynian and Alpine processes
    Woher kommt das Erdöl zwischen Bodensee und Mähren : eine geochemische Spurensuche
    Zdrojové oblasti a tektogeneze flyšového pásma Karpat
    Zones of Alpidic subduction and crustal underthrusting in the Western Carpathians
    Způsobil výzdvih Tibetu příchod ledové doby?
    Zródła współczesnych naprężeń tektonicznych w Europie Środkowej w świetle modelowań elementami skończonymi