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    Accessory minerals as fingerprints for the thermal history and geochronology of the Caledonian Rumburk granite
    Accessory minerals of the Cínovec (Zinnwald) granite cupola, Czech Republic: indicators of petrogenetic evolution
    Arsenic-involved alteration of Zr-Th-REE accessory minerals from Hora Svaté Kateřiny granite stock, Czech Republic
    The Be-Ta-rich granite of Seiffen (eastern Erzgebirge, Germany) : accessory-mineral chemistry, composition, and age of a late-Variscan Li-F granite of A-type affinity
    Chemical composition of radioactive accessory minerals: implications for the evolution, alteration, age, and uranium fertility of the Fichtelgebirge granites (NE Bavaria, Germany)
    The chemical composition of REE-Y-Th-U-rich accessory minerals in peraluminous granites of the Erzgebirge-Fichtelgebirge region, Germany. Part II: Xenotime
    Composition and origin of intermediate solid solutions in the system thorite-xenotime-zircon-coffinite
    Composition of monazite and xenotime from the Fichtelgebirge granites : an electron microprobe study
    Dating multiply overprinted Sn-mineralized granites - examples fro the Erzgebirge, Germany
    Elevator tectonics and orogenic collapse of a Tibetan-style plateau in the European Variscides: the role of the Bohemian shear zone
    The involvement of F, CO2, and As in the alteration of Zr-Th-REE-bearing accessory minerals in the Hora Svaté Kateřiny A-type granite, Czech Republic
    Members of the philipsbornite-florencite and chernovite-xenotime solid solution series in metasomatic altered granites of the Zinnwald tin deposit (Erzgebirge, Germany)
    Mineralogical responses of metasomatic alteration of granitic rocks by As-rich fluids: the Zinnwald alkali-feldspar granite, Eastern Erzgebirge, Germany
    Mineralogie železných rud typu Lahn-Dill na lokalitě "Maria Trost" u Heřmanovic (15-13 Vrbno pod Pradědem)
    Nové poznatky o mineralogii okolí Vernířovic, okres Šumperk
    Origin of coexisting wüstite, Mg-Fe and REE phosphate minerals in graphite-bearing fluorapatite from the Rumburk granite
    Permo-Carboniferous subvolcanic rhyolitic dikes in the western Erzgebirge/Vogtlandt, Germany: a record of source heterogeneity of post-collisional felsic magmatism
    Perspektivní surovinové zdroje vzácných zemin
    Structural position of high-pressure felsic to intermediate granulites from NE Moldanubian domain (Bohemian Massif)
    Zoned REE-enriched dravite from a granitic pegmatite in Forshammar, Bergslagen province, Sweden: an EMPA, XRD and LA-ICP-MS Study