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    zóna riftová
    3D projection and interpretation of earthquakes in the Western Bohemia area
    The age of quaternary volcanoes Železná Hůrka and Komorní Hůrka (western Eger Rift), Czech Republic: Alpha-recoil track, TL, ESR and fission track chronometry
    Age-related Contrasting Alkaline Volcanic Series in North Bohemia
    Age Relations and Geochemical Constraints of Cenozoic Alkaline Volcanic Series in W Bohemia: A Review
    Alkalické subvulkanické horniny roztockého intruzívního centra v Českém středohoří
    Analiza zintegrowanych danych teledetekcyjnych i tektonicznych Obniženia Zytawsko-Zgorzeleckiego
    Anisotropy of the uppermost crust in the region of Eger Rift
    Anomalously hot gradient of Barrovian sequence in the Silesian zone (Bohemian Massif): an interplay between Devonian rifting and Carboniferous collision
    Azory - ostrovy na třech deskách
    Basement peculiarities of the Neoidic Ohře rift in N-Bohemia as established from a Study of xenoliths and other geological evidence
    BOHEMIA 2001-2003 : passive seismic experiment to sudy lithosphere-astenosphere system in the western part of the Bohemian Massif
    Bottom to top lithosphere structure and evolution of western Eger Rift (Central Europe)
    Cambrian/Ordovician intracontinental rifting and Devonian closure of the rifting generated basins in the Bohemian Massif realms
    Cenozic rifting vs. volcanism in the Dead Sea area
    Cenozoic alkaline volcanic series in W Bohemia: age relations and geochemical constraints
    Cenozoic alkaline volcanic series in Western Ohře (Eger) rift: age relations and geochemical constraints
    Cenozoic intraplate alkaline volcanism of Western Bohemia
    Cenozoic intraplate volcanic rock series of the Bohemian Massif (Czech part): A review
    Cenozoic magmatism of the Ohře rift, Czech Republic: geochemical signatures and mantle dynamics
    Cenozoic "radiobarite" occurrences in the Ohře (Eger) Rift, Bohemian Massif: Mineralogical and geochemical revision
    Cenozoic volcanism in the Bohemian Massif
    Cenozozoic intraplate volcanic rock series of the Bohemian Massif: a review
    Chronological constraints on the pre-orogenic history, burial and exhumation of deep-seated rocks along the eastern margin of the Variscan Orogen, Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic
    Chronological constraints on the pre-Variscan evolution of the northeastern margin of the Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic
    Coexisting Miocene alkaline volcanic series associated with the Cheb-Domažlice Graben (W Bohemia): Geochemical characteristics
    Constancy and variability of mineralogical and geochemical features of spinel peridotite xenoliths from the Eger Rift
    Crustal structure at the western edge of the Bohemian Massif in the light of different seismic methods
    Dating of the Quaternary volcanoes Komorní Hůrka (Kammerbühl) and Železná Hůrka (Eisenbühl), Czech Republic, by TL, ESR, alpha-recoil and fission track chronometry
    Dead Sea Region: Fault-Controlled Chemistry of Cenozoic Volcanics
    Deep drilling - a perspective of research into geodynamics of western part of the Eger Graben
    Deep Structure of the Lithosphere in the Western Part of the Bohemian Massif
    Depositional record of an avulsive fluvial system controlled by peat compaction (Neogene, Most Basin, Czech Republic)
    The development of the Prague Basin as a part of a rift-basin system at the southern margin of the Rheic Ocean
    Devonian alkali volcanism in Moravia (CSFR)
    Differences in the lithospheric structure of the Bohemian Massif from teleseismic receiver functions
    Discovery of fluid conduits in the seismically active Počátky-Plesná fault zone (western Eger Rift, Czech Republic) : results and hazard potential
    Distribution of sulphur isotopes and tectonic development of the Barrandian Proteozoic (Bohemian Massif)
    Doupovské hory Mts. - new geological data
    Dyke Swarm Pattern and Tectonics in the České Středohoří Mts. Volcanic Centre, Ohře (Eger) Rift, Central Europe (Starting Points for Further Research)
    Dynamics of Mesozoic pre-orogenic rifting in the Western Carpathians
    The Early Cretaceous volcanic activity in the western part of the Gobi-Altay rift (Shiliin Nuruu, SW Mongolia)
    Early Palaeozoic intracontinental rifting and incipient ocean spreading in the Czech/Polish East Krkonoše/Karkonosze Complex, West Sudetes (NE Bohemian Massif)
    Early Palaeozoic intracontinental rifting in the Bohemian terrane: correlation of volcanic rocks of the central West Sudetes and Barrandian
    Early Palaeozoic Izera (Rumburk) granites from West Sudetes, Poland
    Early Palaeozoic rift-related magmatism in Variscan Europe: fragmentation of the Armorican Terrane Assemblage
    Early rift stage in the evolution of western part of the Carpathians: geochemical evidence from limburgite and teschenite rock series
    Earthquake swarm - mantle fluid interaction in the western Eger (Ohře) rift area : Czech and German research activities of the last decade
    Earthquake swarms in continental rift zones - a comparison of selected cases in Americka, Africa and Europe
    Effects of Tectonic- and Compaction-driven, Syndepositional Tilting in the Architecture of a Rift-margin Deltaic Complex: the Bílina Delta (Neogene), Most Basin, Czech Republic
    Einfluss seismischer Ereignisse auf die Isotopie von Quellgasen - erste Ergebnisse
    Entgasungsraten, Chemismus und Isotopenchemie der Quellgase des Vogtlandes und Nordböhmens
    Evolution of Depocenter Geometries in the Most Basin: Implications for the Tectonosedimentary History of the Neogene Ohře Rift (Eger Graben), North Bohemia
    Evolution of Meliata-Hallstatt Rift and its Significance for Early Evolution of Alps and Western Carpathians
    The evolution of the Massif Central rift: spatio-temporal distribution of the volcanism
    Evolution of the oligocene Doupov volcanic complex, NW Bohemia
    Evolution of the Western Carpathian suture zone - principal geotectonic events
    Faulted margins of the Eger Graben - contrasting histories
    Faunistická odezva na změny v pražské pánvi během spodního a středního ordoviku
    Field trip guide, April 11, 2007 : manifestations of recent dynamics of the western part of the Eger (Ohře) Rift
    Field trip guide, April 11, 2007 : stop 1 : mofettes and CO2 emissions at the Hájek/Soos Natural Reserve
    Final'nyj vulkanizm Jevropy i jego geodinamičeskaja priroda
    Fluide als Tracer für aktuell ablaufende geodynamische Prozesse unter dem westlichen Eger Rift
    Fluidtransport im tiefen Kristallin zwischen Fränkischer Linie und dem Eger-Graben? Eine Diskussion möglicher Antriebsmechanismen
    Fluor v podzemní vodě na riftu v Etiopii
    The formation of the West European rift: A new model as exemplified by the Massif Central area
    FOZO magmas in Lusatia and Lower Silesia : lower mantle signature in geochemistry of Central European asthenosphere
    Gas Flux and Tectonic Structure in the Western Eger Rift, Karlovy Vary - Oberpfalz and Oberfranken, Bavaria
    Gas flux and tectonic structure in the Western Eger Rift, Karlovy Vary - Oberpfalz and Oberfranken, Bavaria
    Gas flux distribution in mineral springs and tectonic structure in the western Eger Rift
    Geochemical petrogenetic evidences of Lower and Upper Paleozoic rifting in the Polish Sudetes
    Geochemická prospekce ve vybraných oblastech Syrské arabské republiky
    Geochemie und Verteilung der Quellgase und tektonische Struktur des Eger-Rifts in der Oberpfalz und in Oberfranken, Bayern
    Geochemistry of metabasites in the Stronie Group and Nové Město Group, the Orlica-Śnieżnik Dome, West Sudetes
    Geoelectrical investigations in the Cheb Basin/W-Bohemia: An approach to evaluate the near-surface conductivity structure
    Geologická dokumentace plynovodních rýh (11-22 Kadaň)
    Geologická stavba a minerální prameny Karlových Varů
    Geology and hydrocarbon resources of the Outer West Carpathians and their foreland, Czech Republic
    Geology of occurrences of ferruginous sanstones in North Bohemia: Famous localities revisited
    Geology of the Ohře Rift region
    Geophysical characteristic of the Roztoky volcanic centre, North Bohemia
    Geothermal crustal models at some regions in Egypt
    Geothermal energy of the Ohře Rift region
    Geothermal potential in the area at the ridge of the Ore Mountains (Krušné hory)
    Golfe de Gascogne-Pyrénées Occidentales: un laboratoire naturel pour étudier les structures d´amincissements et leurs rôles lors de la réactivation?
    Heat flow studies in Central Europe with special emphasis on data from former Czechoslovakia
    High-Ti basaltic rocks in the uplifted shoulder of the Ohre (Eger) Rift, western Bohemia/Saxony
    Hranice bloků plášťové litosféry v západní části Českého masivu jako přívodní kanály mladého vulkanismu
    Interplay between tectonics and compaction in a rift-margin, lacustrine delta system: Miocene of the Eger Graben, Czech Republic
    Intrusive Geometries and Cenozoic Stress History of the Northern Part of the Bohemian Massif
    Islandské sopky a gejzíry : horká skvrna na středoatlantském hřbetu
    The Jílové Belt: A Late Proterozoic Volcanic Rift in Central Bohemia
    The Jílové Belt: A Neoproterozoic Volcanic Rift Zone in Central Bohemia
    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: "Brunnengast, geolog und Spaziergänger" - erdwissenschaftliche Beobachtungen in Böhmen
    Kambrisches Rifting im Barrandium : geochemische Signaturen von klastischen Sedimenten und Vulkaniten
    Kontrastní série alkalických vulkanitů v severních Čechách (02-22 Varnsdorf, 02-24 Nový Bor, 02-42 Česká Lípa, 03-31 Mimoň)
    The KTB deep crustal laboratory and the western Eger Graben
    The KTB deep crustal laboratory and the western Eger Graben. Geology and active geodynamics of the western Eger Rift area
    The KTB deep crustal laboratory and the western Eger Graben. Second day: Active processes of the western Eger Graben area : introduction
    Large-Scale Stratigraphic Geometries in a Rift-Margin, Lacustrine Delta System Influenced by Peat Compaction: Comparison of Field and Reflection Seismic Data (the Miocene Bilina Delta, Ohře Rift, Czech Republic)
    The Late Cenozoic of the Al Ghab Rift, NW Syria
    Late Cretaceous to Paleocene melilitic rocks of the Ohře/Eger Rift in northern Bohemia, Czech Republic: Insights into the initial stages of continental rifting
    Links between the structure of the mantle lithosphere and morphology of the Cheb Basin (Eger Rift, central Europe)
    Magmatism and Rift basin Evolution - UNESCO IGCP Workshop and Final Session, Liblice, Czech Republic, September, 1998
    Major boundaries in the continental mantle lithosphere detected by seismic anisotropy and their role in accumulation of metals in the crust
    Manifestation of crustal dynamics and kinematics in the western part of the Ohře/Eger Rift, Czech Republic
    Mantle lithosphere control of crustal tectonics and magmatism of the western Ohře (Eger) Rift
    Marine metal-rich black shales, an important host for PGE in rift environments
    Metabasites in the Javornik area: comparison with mafic rocks from the Stronie Group of the Orlica-Śnieżnik Dome
    Metabasites of the Nove Mesto Group, West Sudetes: a rift-related bimodal sequence incorporated in Variscan nappe structure
    Metamorphic zonation and anomalously hot geothermal gradient of the Silesian domain: an interplay between Devonian rifting and Carboniferous collision
    Micropalaeontological (palynological) records of the Ohře Rift Volcanosedimentary Complexes in Bohemia
    Middle/Late Cambrian intracontinental rifting in the central West Sudetes, NE Bohemian Massif (Czech Republic): geochemistry and petrogenesis of the bimodal metavolcanic rocks
    Mineral Chemistry and Petrogenesis of Ultramafic Alkaline Lamprophyre Dyke from the Klunst Quarry in Ebersbach (Lusatia, Germany)
    Mineralogické zajímavosti z oblasti Muyombe v severovýchodní Zambii
    Mineralogie a geneze recentních submarinních hydrotermálně sedimentárních sulfidických rud spjatých s riftovými zónami
    The Moho structure in the western Eger Rift: a receiver function experiment
    Neogene alkaline magmatism in Central Europe: the role of Hercynian lithosphere as a magma source component
    Neogene-Recent magmatism and the geodynamics of rifting in Europe
    Neoide hydrothermale Gangmineralisationen im Vogtland-Erzgebirge
    A new lamprophyre species from the Klunst quarry (Ebersbach, Lusatia, Germany) - geochemical and petrological implications
    Newly identified faults inside the volcanic complex of the České středohoří Mts., Ohře/Eger Graben, North Bohemia
    The Nördlinger Ries Astrobleme in the Euro-African Rift System: facts and inferences
    The Nördlinger Ries astrobleme in the European rift system
    Nové poznatky z mapování terciéru v Doupovských horách (11-221 Stráž nad Ohří)
    The Nový Kostel earthquake swarm 2000 : Krasnet measurements
    Ohárecký rift v tektogenním vývoji Evropy
    Oherský rift v severozápadních Čechách - argumenty pro a proti
    Paleogeogragia, sedimentácia a biofácie pozdl'ž západokarpatského úseku okraja paleoeuropského šelfu počas spodnej kriedy
    Perunica microplate: relation to Ukrainian Shield, mid-Bohemian rift, and hypothetic large-scale overthrusts in central Bohemia
    Petrology and geochemistry and K-Ar ages for Cenozoic tinguaites from the Ohře/Eger Rift (NW Bohemia)
    Petrology and Tectonic Significance of Spinel Metaperidotites at an Interplate Thrust Boundary (Staré Město Belt)
    Petrology of Late Cretaceous ultramafic lamrophyres in the Lausitz-Massiv (Germany)
    Phreatomagmatic structure of the northern environs of the Ohře rift (Saxony)
    Phreatomagmatic Structures in the Northern Environs of the Ohře Rift (Saxony)
    Precambrian uranium deposits as a possible source of uranium for the European Variscan deposits
    Prediction of thermal water discharge zones on the basis of structural-tectonic and geophysical analysis in relation to the exploitation in Sokolov Basin: preliminary note (Ohře Rift, Bohemian Massif)
    Principal Directions and Asymmetrical Zoning of Cenozoic Volcanics in the Lužické hory Mts. and the Adjacent Area, N Bohemia
    Projects ALP 2002 and SUDETES 2003 - Continuation of 3D Refraction Seismic Experiments in Central Europe
    Das quartäre Tephra-Tuff-Vorkommen von Mýtina (Südrand des westlichen Eger-Grabens/Tschechische Republik): Indikationen für Ausbruchs- und Deformationsprozesse
    The Rb-Sr isotope geochemistry of the metamorphosed bimodal volcanic association of the Rýchory Mts crystalline complex, West Sudetes, Bohemian Massif
    Receiver Function Studien zum Aufbau der Erdkruste und des oberen Erdmantels unter dem westlichen Böhmischen Massiv : ein Beitrag zum BOHEMA-Projekt
    The response of two types of rift basins in Central Africa in the gravity field
    Review of geochemical variation in Lower Palaeozoic metabasites from the NE Bohemia Massif: intracratonic rifting and plumeridge interaction
    Riftogenic Volcanism in the Western Carpathian Geological History: a Review
    Ringové struktury a komplexy ve východoafrickém riftovém systému (Egypt, Tanzanie)
    Sedimentation and Synsedimentary Deformation in a Rift-margin, Lacustrine Delta System: the Bílina Delta (Miocene), Most Basin
    Seismic evidence of increased tectonothermal activity near the Oberpfalz deep continental drilling location (SE Germany)
    Seismicity in the Vogtland/Western Bohemia earthquake region between 1962 and 1998
    Shear faults in Tertiary clay formation of the Eger Basin (Czech Republic) and their role for the degassing of the uppermost mantle
    Sixty years since the fundamental work of J.E. Hibsch: Tectonic and volcanic development of the Ohře (Eger) rift
    SLICE 2003: Internationale Seismische Weitwinkel-Untersuchungen im Umfeld des Eger Riftes
    Some indications of crustal dynamics in the Ohře Rift region
    Sr Isotopic Composition of Mantle Peridotite Xenoliths from the Erzgebirge: Evidence for Ancient Mantle Metasomatism?
    Sr isotopic evidence for ancient mantle metasomatism recorded in mantle peridotite xenoliths from the Erzgebirge
    Static and dynamic gravity investigation of Corinth Rift active faults, Central Greece
    Structures of the Earth´s crust and upper mantle beneath the Western Bohemian Massif derived from receiver functions
    Strukturní aspekty vývoje vulkanického centra Českého středohoří
    Strukturní geologie a geotektonika
    Subsurface structure of the volcanic centre of the České Středohoří Mountains, North Bohemia, determined by geophysical surveys
    The Sudetes as a Palaeozoic orogen in central Europe
    Syn- and Post-Sedimentary Tectonics of the Most Basin (Ohře Rift, Czech Republic); Insights from Reflection-Seismic Data
    Synchronous contrasting Late Miocene alkaline volcanic series related to the Cheb-Domažlice Graben, Western Bohemia: geochemistry and mineralogy
    Tectonic setting of Sokolov basin in relation to prediction of thermal water discharge zones
    Tectonic structure and seismic activity in West Bohemia swarm region
    Tectonosedimentary evolution of the Cheb Basin (NW Bohemia, Czech Republic) between Late Oligocene and Pliocene: a preliminary note
    Tertiäre Maare rund um den Egergraben
    Thinning and fining-upward megasequences in Middle Devonian carbonate slope deposits, Moravia, Czech Republic
    Topography of the Variscan orogen in Europe: failed-not collapsed
    Typology, chemistry and origin of zircon from alkali basalts of SE Saxony (Germany)
    U-Pb dating of (meta)granitoids in the NW Sudetes (Poland) and their bearing on tectono-stratigraphic correlation
    Úloha zlomových struktur ve vývoji středočeské oblasti
    Das "Underplatin-Modell", angewandt auf aktive Prozesse in der Unterkruste und im subkontinentalen Mantel unter dem westlichen Eger-Rift
    Upper crustal structure of the western Corinth Gulf, Greece, inferred from arrival times of the January 2010 earthquake sequence
    The uraninite-pyrite association, a sensitive indicator of changes in paleofluid composition: an example from the Ohře (Eger) Graben, Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic
    Variation of magma generation and mantle sources during continental rifting observed in Cenozoic lavas from the Eger Rift, Central Europe
    Variation of mantle sources and magma generation in Tertiary to Quaternary lavas from the Eger Rift
    Varying denudation and uplift pattern across the Elbe Fault System, East Germany
    Vegetational changes and development dynamic on the example of the palyno-assemblages in the Cheb Basin, western part of the Ohře Rift, within 40.4 Ma to 1.8 Ma (summary stratigraphical profile from the western part of the Ohře Rift, Czech Republic - Palaeogene to Pliocene)
    Vliv tektonické a geologické stavby podloží na kolaps vulkanického komplexu - Radechovský sektorový kolaps, Doupovské hory
    Volcanosedimentary Complex of the České Středohoří and Doupovské Hory Mts. in Palynological Record
    Vývoj pražské pánve jako odezva vývojových etap Rheického oceánu
    Vývoj sedimentární výplně jednoho z iniciálních depocenter oherského riftu - Divoká rokle
    Vznik minerálních vod karlovarského typu
    Were the Outer Polish Carpathian Basins Floored by Alpine Oceanic Crust?-Evidence from Heavy Minerals
    West African provenance for Saxo-Thuringia (Bohemian Massif): Did Armorica ever leave pre-Pangean Gondwana? - U/Pb-SHRIMP zircon evidence and the Nd-isotopic record
    Western Eger (Ohře) Rift - control of near-surface tectonics by mantle junction of paleoplates
    Yam Hamelach - Mrtvé moře : příběh vzestupu a pádu
    Young alkaline volcanism of the Bohemian Massif
    Zeolite-bearing trachyandesite from Dobranka, České středohoří Mts. : petrography, geochemistry and amygdale mineralogy
    Zur Geologie der Magnetitlagerstätte Schwarze Crux, nördlich von Vesser (Thüringer Wald)