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    zóna subdukční
    BOHEMIA 2001-2003 : passive seismic experiment to sudy lithosphere-astenosphere system in the western part of the Bohemian Massif
    Exhumation of high-grade rocks in the Saxo-Thuringian Belt: geological constraints and geodynamic concepts
    Fan-Like Structure in Central Part of the Śnieznik Dome - A Result of Episodic Exhumation
    The fundamental Variscan problem: high-temperature metamorphism at different depths and high-pressure metamorphism at different temperatures
    Further evidences for slabs in the lower mantle
    Geophysical constraints and model of the "Saxothuringian and Rhenohercynian subductions - magmatic arc system" in NE France and SW Germany
    The influence of rheological weakening and yield stress on the interaction of slabs with the 370 km discontinuity
    Long-wavelength character of subducted slabs in the lower mantle
    Mineralogické postřehy z Kamčatky
    The Permo-Carboniferous metallogenetic evolution in central Europe - an outline
    Relations and Tectonic Setting of Emsian-Eifelian (Devonian) Basins : Implication for Early Variscan Configuration of the Bohemian Massif. 2
    Saxo-Thuringia in the Variscan belt from a geodynamic point of view
    Seismic Activity around and under Krakatau Volcano, Sunda Arc: Constraints to the Source Region of Island Arc Volcanics
    Seismicity pattern: A tool for understanding the evolution of convergent plate margins
    Seismický režim pod aktivními vulkány konvergentních okrajů litosférických desek jako indikátor výstupu magmatu
    Struktura verchnej mantii v alpijskoj zone po dannym poverchnostno-volnovoj tomografii
    Syn-convergent high-temperature metamorphism in the Variscides: a discussion of potential heat sources
    Terranes in the Sudetes: their division, boundaries and accretion
    Ultrapotassic Intrusions of the Bohemian Massif: Insights into the Variscan Sub-continental Lithospheric Mantle?
    Zones of Alpidic subduction and crustal underthrusting in the Western Carpathians