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    Controls on delta plain sandstone geometries and their implication for reservoir exploration in Middle Jurassic successions: Saltwick Formation, Yorkshire Ness Formation, North Sea
    Cr-spinely v peridotitech od Drahonína a Hrubšic
    Determination of the orientation of magnetic minerals from the anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility
    Factors influecing [i.e. influencing] the amount of CO2 sorbed on coal
    Geological mapping of the two-mica granites in the Weitra-Nové Hrady area
    Historia zlodowacenia doliny Łomnicy w Karkonoszach w zapisie mikromorfologii powierzchni ziarn kwarcu
    Influence of Initial Grain Size on Microstructural Stability and Rheology of a Dynamically Recrystallized Polycrystalline: Marble as a Case Study
    Influence of initial grain size on microstructural stability of dynamically recrystallized marble
    The komplexation of mercury by humic acids
    Počítačový program hodnocení upravitelnosti nerostných surovin
    PolyLX - the MATLAB TM Toolbox for quantitative analysis of microstructures
    Proweniencja materiału okruchowego piaskowców karbońskich waryscyjskich basenów przedpola w południowo-zachodniej Polsce i na Morawach
    Some important supplements to interpretation of the permeability of sandy rocks
    Stromatactis cavities in sediments and the role of coarse-grained accessories
    A Study of the Surface Textures of Quartz Grains from the Makalu Massif - Sapt Kosi Lowland Section of the Himalayas
    Tepelná vodivost karbonských sedimentů hornoslezské pánve a vztah k dalším fyzikálním vlastnostem testovaných hornin
    Thermodynamic model for diffusion controlled reaction rim growth in a binary system: Application to the forsterite-enstatite-quartz system