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    2010 IGCP 580 Meeting Applications of Magnetic Susceptibility on Paleozoic Rocks, 28th November - 4th December 2010, Guilin, China. Meeting Programme and Abstracts
    Miroslav Krs Conference: Time, Magnetism, Records, Systems and Solutions. The 2011 Annual IGCP 580 Meeting, October 12-18 Prague, Czech Republic, Abstract Volume
    Application of magnetic susceptibility on Palaezoic sedimentary rocks : IGCP Project No. 580
    La grotte 3N, Iran (6 580 m): le nouveau record du monde de la plus longue cavité dans le sel
    The IGCP Project 580 Application of magnetic susceptibility on Paleozoic sedimentary rocks has been launched: the project outlines, scope and the first results related to Central European region