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    Biocompatibility optimization of fabric composites by calcium phosphates
    Biological Evaluation of Polydimethylsiloxane Modified by Calcium Phosphate Nanoparticles for Potential Application in Spine Surgery
    Calcium and strontium isotope signals in forest soil environments during recovery from anthropogenic acidification
    Calcium enriched rocks in the Neoproterozoic sequence, Lešetice uranium mine, Příbram ore district
    Calcium isotope constraints on the uptake and sources of Ca2+ in a base-poor forest: A new concept of combining stable (d44/42Ca) and radiogenic (eCa) signals
    Calcium isotopes in lunar crust
    Effect of nano/micro particles of calcium phosphates on the mechanical properties of composites based on polysiloxane matrix reinforced by polyamide
    Land snail distribution patterns within a site: The role of different calcium sources
    Natural occurrence of orthorhombic calcium acetate monohydrate (Kladno, Central Bohemia, Czechoslovakia)
    Stable calcium isotopic compositions of Hawaiian shield lavas: Evidence for recycling of ancient marine carbonates into the mantle
    The strontium and calcium isotope signals in forest soil environment during recovery from antropoghenic acidification