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    3D velocity distribution of P- and S-waves in a biotite gneiss, measured in oil as the pressure medium: Comparison with velocity measurements in a multi-anvil pressure apparatus and with texture-based calculated data
    Calculated and experimental X-ray diffraction patterns by transmission powder method
    Comparison of calculated and measured soil-gas radon concetration and radon exhalation rate
    Comparison of synthetic seismograms calculated by QI approximations of the coupling ray theory with the Chebyshev spectral method
    Critical load of heavy metals in soils calculated from mass balance in small watersheds
    How to estimate costs of geoscience information: either based on calculated expenses or on final user's demand?
    Indoor radon probability calculated from the Czech soil gas radon data in a grid net for the European Geogenic Radon Map construction: test of feasibility
    Seismic velocities of rocks: numerical comparison of calculated data with experiment