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    Corrections for time variations of gravity in microgravity surveys
    A critical review of 16-17th century reports on meteorite falls in and around Carpathian Basin : (additions and corrections to the NHM Catalogue of meteorites)
    Earthquake Hazard Map Corrections of Effects of Near-Surface Sediments: an Example of the Bílina District, Czech Republic
    Global ellipsoid-referenced topographic, bathymetric and stripping corrections to gravity disturbance
    New records of Eurydema fieberi from the Czech Republic with corrections to some previously published records of Palaearctic Eurydema species (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Pentatomidae)
    Supplements and corrections of New index of the genera, subgenera, and species of Barrandian trilobites (Vaněk et Valíček, 2001, 2002)