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    Acid Meta-Volcanic Rocks from Konradów Area (Stronie Series, Orlica - Śnieznik Dome): Petro-Structural and Geochemical Characteristic
    The boundary zone of the East and West Sudetes on the 1:50 000 scale geological map of the Velké Vrbno, Staré Město and Śnieżnik Metamorphic Units
    Deformation analysis of the upper part of the Earth crust in the Śnieżnik Massif (Polish and Czech sides between 1993 and 2003)
    The Determination of the PT Conditions during Transition from Steep Syn-Extrusional Fabrics to Horizontal: NE Snieznik Domain
    Differential exhumation in an orogenic root domain: Snieznik Dome
    Fan-Like Structure in Central Part of the Śnieznik Dome - A Result of Episodic Exhumation
    Fan-Like Structure in Central Part of the Snieznik Dome - A Result of Episodic Exhumation
    Fluid influence on mineral reactions in ultrahigh-pressure granulites: a case study in the Snieznik Mts. (West Sudetes, Poland)
    Geodynamical investigations in the local network Śnieżnik Kłodzki
    On the Mineralogy and Origin of the Śnieznik versus Gieraltów Gneisses, Miedzygórze Unit, OSD, West Sudetes
    The problem of garnet composition in eclogite-bearing gneisses from the Śnieżnik Metamorphic Complex (Western Sudetes)
    Rotational ductile deformations in the Snieznik metamorphic complex (Sudetes)
    Structures related to the exhumation of HP rocks within the orogenic root domain: examples of the SE moldanubian zone and the eastern Snieznik dome
    Two types of "augen gneisses" in the Śnieżnik Metamorphic Unit, West Sudetes, Poland