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    Investigation of dissolution of aluminosilicates in aqueous alkaline solution under laboratory conditions
    Kinetics of the release of Silicon and Aluminium from Aluminosilicates into Aqueous Mildly Acid Solutions
    Lithium Aluminosilicates in Pegmatites Affected by Stress
    Modified aluminosilicates as low-cost sorbents of As(III) from anoxic groundwater
    Modified low-grade aluminosilicates as efective sorbents of hazardeous axyanions from aqueous systems
    Modified low-grade aluminosilicates as effective sorbents of hazardeous oxyanions from aqueous systems
    Sorption of As(V) on aluminosilicates treated with Fe(II) nanoparticles
    Water leaching of alkaline metals, Al and Si from selected aluminosilicates