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    Adsorption of phenol and aniline by original and quaternary ammonium salts-modified montmorillonite
    Ammonium Content in the Hercynian Granites of the Western Carpathians and its Petrogenetic Significance
    Ammonium minerals from burning coal-dumps of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin (Poland)
    Application of the acid ammonium oxalate method to samples from a loess-paleosol site near Bořetice (Czech Republic)
    Desalination of mine waters from in situ uranium leaching: the ammonium alum - ammonium alunite process
    Intercalation of Na-montmorillonite with tetraalkyl-(aryl) ammonium cations
    Nitrogen saturation induced by experimental addition of ammonium nitrate to a forested catchment at Gardsjön, SW Sweden
    Utilization of synthetic phillipsite as a means for decreasing the concentration of ammonium ions in waste waters