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    Bicentennial Gold 88 : Melbourne, Victoria, May 16-20, 1988 : extended abstracts, poster programme ; volume 1. Geological Society of Australia abstracts series ; no. 23
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    Cambrian Edrioasteroids from Australia and the origin of starfishes
    Description and crystal structure of a new mineral - plimerite, ZnFe(3+)4(PO4)3(OH)5 - the Zn-analogue of rockbridgeite and frondelite, from Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia
    Establishing correlations between magma emplacement and faulting using statistical map analysis: examples from the northwestern Bohemian Massif (Germany/Czech Republic) and the northern Lachlan Fold Belt (Australia)
    Exsolution in niobian rutile from the pegmatite deposit at Greenbushes, Australia
    Fossilization of nanobes studied by transmission electron microscopy and constraints related to their population - Recent and Late Quaternary reefbanks (San Salvador Island, The Bahamas; Heron Island, Australia
    Interaction between deformation and magma extraction in migmatites: Examples from Kangaroo Island, South Australia
    A Marrella-like arthropod from the Cambrian of Australia: A new link between "Orsten"-type and Burgess Shale assemblages
    Mining induced seismicity: moment tensor vs. shear-tensile/implosion model. Case study of Ridgeway, E. Australia gold mine
    Permian Hyolithida from Australia: the last of the hyoliths?
    Radiothermal granites of the Cullen Batholith and associated mineralisation (N.T. Australia)
    Tertiary Anura of Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, and Australia
    Two Mississippian caenogastropod limpets from Australia and their meaning for the ancestry of the Caenogastropoda
    Two Mississippian Caenogastropod limpets from Australia and their meaning for the ancestry of the Caenogastropoda
    An XRD, SEM and TG study of a uranopilite from Australia
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