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    Ammonites (Phylloceratina, Lytoceratina and Ancyloceratina) and organic-walled dinoflagellate cysts from the Late Barremian in Boljetin, eastern Serbia
    Ammonoids (Desmoceratoidea and Silesitoidea) from the Late Barremian of Boljetin, eastern Serbia
    Barremian and Early Aptian ammonites from the Godula Facies of the Silesian Unit in the Outer Western Carpathians, Czech Republic
    The Barremian Stage
    Comments on some new occurrences of heteromorph ammonites in the Lower Cretaceous (late Valanginian-early Barremian) of the Eastern Alpine and Western Carpathian Systems
    Composition and ecology of the "Pseudothurmanniafauna", lower Barremian of the Krížna-nappe in the Strážovské vrchy Mts.
    Contribution to the knowledge of some small Early Barremian ammonites from the Silesian Unit (Outer Carpathians, Czech Republic)
    The Leptoceratoidinae: small heteromorph ammonites from the Barremian
    A new Karsteniceras from the Barremian (Lower Cretaceous) of Colombia
    Small Berriasian, lower Valanginian and Barremian heteromorphic ammonites from the Río Argos succession (Caravaca, southeast Spain)