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    Adhesion and growth of cells in culture on carbon-carbon composites with different surface properties
    Biological fixation of carbon-carbon pyrolytic composites covered with collagen-proteoglycan copolymers
    Biological properties of the intervertebral cages made of titanium constaining a carbon-carbon composite covered with different polymers
    Biomechanical and biological properties of the implant material carbon-carbon composite covered with pyrolytic carbon
    Biomechanical and Biological Propetries of the Implant Material Carbon-Carbon Composite Covered with Pyrolytic Carbon
    Bone reaction to implanted carbon-carbon composite
    Cages based on a carbon-carbon composite
    Cages Based on Carbon-Carbon Composite
    Cages based on carbon-carbon composite
    Cages Based on the Carbon-Carbon Composites
    Carbon-carbon and carbon polymer composite materials as components of implants for bone surgery
    Carbon-Carbon Composite Bone Plates, Part 1 - Reinforcement
    Carbon-carbon composites based on a polyimide matrix ITA
    Carbon-carbon films and composites based on polyimides: processing and properties
    Comparison of biomechanical properties of carbon-carbon and glass composites
    Corrosion of carbon-epoxy resin (C/E) and carbon-carbon (C/C) composites
    The effect of thermal treatment of unidirectionally reinforced carbon-carbon composites on their fatigue behavior
    Elastic properties of carbon-carbon composite cylindrical shells with braided reinforcement
    Experimental studies of fracture properties of fibrous carbon-carbon composites
    Experiments Proposed when Developing Cages Based on Carbon-Carbon Composites
    Flexural vibrations of a Timoshenko beam: a numerical solution to the frequency equations and its application for assessment of shear moduli of a carbon-carbon composite
    Fractographic study of fatigue behaviour of carbon-carbon composites
    Fracture properties of carbon-carbon composites
    Infiltration of unidirectional carbon-carbon composites by isothermal deposition of pyrolytic carbon
    Influence of actual yarn pattern on elastic properties of fabric reinforced carbon-carbon composites
    Influence of high temperature treatment on microstructure features of carbon-carbon composites: a transmission electron microscope study
    Influence of matrix densification upon structure and elastic properties of carbon-carbon composite shells
    Influence of reinforcement compaction on interlaminar shear strength and dynamic moduli of a laminated carbon-carbon composite
    Influence of the Cooling Process on Crack Development in Carbon-Carbon Composite
    Interlaminar shear strength of textile reinforced carbon-carbon composite
    Intervertebral Cages Based on Carbon-Carbon Composites - Experimental Measurements
    Intervertebral Cages Based on Carbon-Carbon Composites - Experimental Measurements
    Mechanical properties of a fabric reinforced carbon-carbon composite
    Mechanical Properties of Resin-Based Carbon-Carbon Composites Modified with Needle Coke
    Mechanical Testing of Carbon-Carbon Composite for Applications in Human Spine Surgery in the Form of Intervertebral Cages
    Microporous structure on carbon-carbon films based on polyimides
    Microstructural features of fibrous carbon-carbon composites as studied by optical and electron microscopy
    A pitch-based one-step process for manufacture of carbon-carbon composites
    Polyimide matrices for carbon-carbon composites with turbostratic structure
    Pores and Cracks Analysis of Carbon-Carbon Composites
    Possibility of densification of carbon-carbon composites with coal tar pitch using microwave heating
    Project of Cages Based on Carbon-Carbon Composite
    Role of carbon fabric in carbon-carbon composite reinforcement
    Sol-gel processing of ceramic coatings on carbon-carbon composites
    Some in - vitro biocompatibility tests of carbon-carbon composites and preparation of bone plates
    Structure and mechanical properties of unidirectional carbon-carbon composites
    Testing of Carbon-Carbon Composite to be Used in Spine Surgery
    Theoretical basis of a new way preparation of composites of the carbon-carbon type
    X-ray structure analysis and elastic properties of a fabric reinforced carbon-carbon composite