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    Ammonites in basal parts of reifling limestones in Choč nappe on southern slopes of Nízké Tatry Mts.
    Cephalopod Fauna from Hybe member of Koessen Fm. in Choč Nappe (West Carpathians)
    Conodonts from the Paraceratites binodosus zone (Middle Triassic) from the Mecsek Mts., southern Hungary and from the Choč nappe of the Low Tatra Mts., Czechoslovakia
    Ore Mineralization in the Permian Rocks of the Choč Nappe, the Western Carpathians
    Organic matter associated with uranium mineralization in the Permian of the Choč nappe (The West Carpathians Mts.)
    Red limestones - the youngest lithological unit of the Choč nappe, Tatra Mts.
    Stratigraphy and macrofauna of the Zámostie limestones (upper Pelsonian-lower Illyrian) of the Choč nappe at the southern slopes of the Nízké Tatry Mts. (west Carpathians)
    Structural interpretation of the Choč nappe outliers of the Chočské vrchy Mts.