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    Circular and Lozenge Structure of the Bohemian Massif
    Circular, Cryogenic Structures from the Hirnantian Deglaciation Sequence (Anti-Atlas, Morocco)
    Circular structures and small intrusions of the Bohemian massif as a sources of some mineral raw materials
    Dyke rocks in two circular structures in S and SW Bohemia: compositions corresponding to bulk melting of the Moldanubian gneisses
    Energy of seismic waves radiated by finite circular source - numerical approach
    Energy of Seismic Waves Radiated by Finite Circular Source - Numerical Approach
    Linear and circular structures of the Bohemian massif - comparison of satelite and geophysical data
    The PelhÅ™imov volcanotectonic circular structure
    Wrenching of a Continental Lithosphere Containing a Circular Resistant Inclusion: Physical Model Experiments
    U.S. Geological Survey Circular