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    Annual Meeting of The Geological Society of America, Salt Lake City
    Natual hazards of the Selected Glacial Valleys in the Vicinity of the Huaraz City, Ancash, Peru
    Proceedings of ITA-AITES World Tunnel Congress 2009: Safe Tunneling for the City and for the Environment
    Transport and City Tunnels
    138 Years Of Urban Development in Central Europe - A Long-Term Comparison Of Large City Regions In Austria And The Czech Republic
    Anthropogenic Gd in Surface Water,drainage system, and the water supply of the city of Prague, Czech Republic
    Atmospheric fossil fuel CO2 measurement using a field unit in a Central European city during the winter of 2008/09
    The city of Brno in global World
    Contamination of groundwaters by heavy metals in the city of Ust Kamenogorsk, north-eastern Kazakhstan
    The Cultural and Economic Conditions of Decision - Making for Sustainable City. Case Study: Brno
    Dealing with the impact of subsurface contamination on the future land use - example of the Brno City, Czech Republic
    Geochemical and Ecological Survey of the Prague City Area, Czech Republic
    Growth and Decline in Czech and Austrian City Regions - Divergence and Convergence in more than a Century of Urban Development
    The impact of globalisation on socio-demographic changes in the internal structures of the City of Ostrava after 1989
    Impact of Gravel Pits on Ground water: Case study of Gravel Pits near the Mohelnice City, Czech Republic
    Influence of higher education and science on physical strucutre of the city of Brno
    Influence of the climatic factors on radon activity concentration in the rocks of the city Brno area - testing
    Landslide risk in the city of Zlín
    Paleontological and sedimentological evidences of NW-SE trending faults in the northern vicinity of Brno City
    Radon risk map of the city Brno
    Recent functional changes in a mixed residential/industrial area of the Eastern part of the Brno inner city
    The Urban Development in the Selected Czech and Austrian City Regions