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    Cathodoluminescence in geosciences: New insight from CL in combination with other techniques
    Angular velocity of tectonic plates determined by non-rigorous combination of space geodetic techniques
    Combination of different space geodesy techniques for EOP and terrestrial reference frame determination
    Geo-kinematics of Central and South-East Europe resulting from combination of various regional GPS velocity fields
    Implementation of the Vondrak's smoothing in the combination of results of different space geodesy techniques
    Organometallic complexes from Ni-Mo-PGE black shales in South China - Combination of bioactivities, hydrothermal venting and phosphate deposition during global Cambrian biological explosion
    RECAL program - quantitative phase analysis of soils based on X-ray diffraction and chemical analyses combination
    Simultaneous determination of Earth orientation parameters and station coordinates from combination of results of different observation techniques
    Structural evolution of the Roudny gold deposit, Bohemian Massif: a combination of paleostress analysis and review of historical documents