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    Significance of rock fabric study for the interpretation of mechanical behaviour of common building stones
    War-Booty. A Common European Cultural Heritage
    Alien egg retrieval in common pochard: Do females discriminate between conspecific and heterospecific eggs?
    Archean Crust as a Source of Common Lead in the Bohemian Massif
    Common gem opal: An investigation of micro- to nano-structure
    Common high-pressure metamorphic history of eclogite lenses and surrounding metasediments: a case study of calc-silicate reaction zones (Erzgebirge, Germany)
    Common occurrences of the ecologically restricted nannofossils in the Campanian sediments of the Ždánice Unit and Waschberg Zone, West Carpathians
    Detecting ultra-Low magnetic fields with common magnetic minerals
    Did have the "red orthogneisses" of the Bohemian Massif a common protolith?
    Errors due to the common ray approximations of the coupling ray theory
    Functional groups and common pyrolysate products of Odontopteris cantabrica (index fossil for the Cantabrian Substage, Carboniferous)
    How the Echinoderm Chnaged Its Symmetry or On the search for common mechanisms to generate the archetypal forms
    The ichnogenus Arachnostega Bertling, 1992: one of the most common trace fossils in the mediterranean region of the Ordovician
    Instrumental neutron and photon activation analysis of phonolites: an important tool to distinguish common and anomalous phonolite types from the Ohře (Eger) rift, Czech Republic
    Na Javorce Cave - a new discovery in the Bohemian Karst (Czech Republic): unique example of relationships between hydrothermal and common karstification.
    Pre-Alpine geological evolution of the East Carpathian metamorphics. Some common trends with the West Carpathians
    Saxothuringian zone in Germany and Poland: difference and common features
    Some of the significant plant microfossils and their assemblages common in the Bohemian, German and Austrian Tertiary