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    13th International Confernce on AAR in Concrete
    Alkali-silica reaction of aggregates in real concrete and mortar specimens
    Concrete Solutions
    Our World in concrete & structures
    Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Alkali Aggregate Reaction in Concrete
    Proceedings of the Twin Coimbra International Conferences on Civil Engineering and The Concrete Future
    Aggregate volcanic rocks potential risk for durability of concrete structure?(one of significant factors of structure crisis management)
    Alkali-silica reaction of aggregates in real concrete and mortar specimen
    Alkali-silica reaction products: comparison between samples from concrete structures and laboratory test specimens
    Basic research of waterjet rock and concrete disintegration in Czech Republic
    Behaviour of concrete in tunels and undeground concstructions in case of fire
    Cathodoluminescence microscopy and petrographic image analysis of aggregates in concrete pavements affected by alkali-silica reaction
    Concrete and rock cutting using modulated waterjets
    Concrete repair and cutting using pulsating water jets
    Coupled modelling of concrete tunnel lining
    Durability properties of concrete with admixtures of thermaly activated kaolins and shales
    Effect of high temperatures on cement composite materials in concrete structures
    Factors affecting DEF and ASR in concrete
    High - velocity water jet impact on concrete samples
    Hydration products of GGBS in Portland cement concrete
    Hydration products of GGBS in portland cement concrete
    IIdentification of concrete deteriorating minerals by polarizing and scanning electron microscopy
    The influence of blast- furnace slag hydration products on micro cracking of concrete
    The minerals causing degradation of concrete and their formation processes
    The minerals causing degradation of concrete and their formation processes
    Optical and scanning electron microscopy of concrete deteriorating minerals of these methods to crisis management.
    Petrographic examination of concrete from 20th century bridges and identification of reactive components
    Petrographic identification of alkali-reactive aggregates in concrete from 20th century bridges
    Preparation of Concrete Substrates for Repair by Pulsating Water Jets
    Raman micro-spectroscopy mapping and microstructural and micromechanical study of interfacial transition zone in concrete reinforced by poly(ethyleneterephthalete) fibres
    Removal of concrete surface layers by pulsating water jets
    Removal of degraded layer of concrete with an emphasis on optimizing surface before applying repair materials
    Removal of polyurea spray coatings from the surface of cement concrete by water jet technology
    Research of the Processes of High Temperature Influence on Cementitous Concrete
    Research on concrete disintegration using pulsating water jets
    Research on effects of pulsating water jets on concrete
    Study of behavior of concrete and cement based composite materials exposed to high temperatures
    Utilization of Potential of Pulsating Jets for Removal of Concrete Layers
    Cement and Concrete Research
    Magazine of concrete research