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    The calculation of hydraulic Conductivity of Sands according to their Granularity
    The calculation of hydraulic conductivity of sands according to their granularity
    Carpathian anomaly of electrical conductivity: history of its discovery and interpretation
    Change in hydraulic conductivity by adding lime in compacting clay liners
    Comparison of conductivity structures of upper mantle using Belsk, Budkov, Hel and Minsk observatory data
    A contribution to the measurement of frequency dependence of electrical conductivity of rocks
    Deep seated electrical high conductivity zones imaging lithosphere deformation in Western Bohemia
    Deep seated magnetotelluric conductivity anomalies and their reflection lithosphere deformation along geotraverse in Western Bohemia
    Distribution of hydraulic conductivity in fractured compact granite defined by hydraulic tests and geophysical logging
    Distribution of the electrical conductivity across Europe and structure of the European lithosphere
    Effect of thermal conductivity anisotropy of rocks on the subsurface temperature field
    Electric conductivity and thermal properties of tourmalines from the dravite-schorl series
    Electrical conductivity at crustal and upper mantle depths under Central Europe
    Electrical conductivity at mid-mantle depths estimated from the data of Sq and long period geomagnetic variations
    Electrical conductivity in the Bohemian Massif and surrounding units
    Electrical conductivity investigation of the Central Italian Peninsula
    Electrical conductivity investigation of the Corso-Sardinian microplate area
    Electrical conductivity of some rocks from the Indian subcontinent
    Electromagnetic induction and elecrical conductivity in the Earth´s body
    Geoelectrical investigations in the Cheb Basin/W-Bohemia: An approach to evaluate the near-surface conductivity structure
    Geotectonic and structural phenomena in Western Bohemia and their manifestation in electrical conductivity data
    Groundwater flow in multilayered rock continuum with discontinuities. 1. Influence of an aquitard conductivity on the flow in adjoining aquifers
    Hydraulic conductivity and imbibition speed of solid clay aggregates: two different approaches involving the tortuosity of pathways
    In situ and laboratory measurements of hydraulic conductivity in granitic rock matrix
    Investigation of lateral and vertical variations of the electrical conductivity by magnetotelluric sounding in Western Bohemia near the KTB drilling site
    Laboratory measurements of electrical conductivity and its anisotropy of the KTB rocks, comparison of those results with results from the Kola and the Krivy Rog superdeep boreholes
    Magnetotelluric inversion for 2D anisotropic conductivity structures
    Model of electrical conductivity distribution across Central Europe
    Model of electrical conductivity distribution across the Central European Area
    Model of electrical conductivity distribution across the Central European Area
    Modelling of conductivity structures generating anomalous induction at the Eastern margin of the Bohemian Massif and the West Carpathians
    On Homogenization of a Quasilinear Elliptic Equation Connected with Heat Conductivity
    Probing electrical conductivity of the Trans-European Suture Zone
    A Simple Contactless Conductivity Detector Employing a Medium Wave Radio Integrated Circuit for the Signal Treatment.
    Sliding stones of Racetrack Playa, Death Valley, USA: The roles of rock thermal conductivity and fluctuating water levels
    Stochastic sampling for mantle conductivity models