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    Chemical characterisation of impact glasses from Zhamanshin impact crater, Kazakhstan. Possible contamination of irghizites by extraterrestrial matter
    Geochemical characterization of impact glasses from the Zhamanshin crater by various modes of activation analysis. Remarks on genesis of irghizites
    Heterogeneity effects in thermal borehole measurements in the Chicxulub impact crater
    The Ilumetsa meteorite crater field, SE Estonia - results of the geophysical campaign
    Magnetic/isotopic characteristic of the spherule-rich impact ejecta blanket from the Chicxulub crater: analog for robotic exploration of similar deposits on Mars
    A new genus and species of Dermestidae (Coeloptera) from the Eckfeld Maar crater (Middle Eocene, Germany)
    NRM measurements of shatter cones and rim deposits from the Sierra Madera Impact Crater in Texas, USA
    Rietveld refined of the crystal structure of silica phases from the Barringer Crater in Arizona
    Search for Fullerenes in Rocks from Ries Impact Crater
    Search for Fullerenes in Rocks from the Ries Impact Crater
    Shock-induced phenomena in limestones in the quarry near Ronheim, the Ries Crater, Germany
    Trace Elements in Quartz Grains from the Ries Impact Crater and lechatelierites from Southern Bohemian Moldavites