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    Acidification of forest soils developed on the Říčany granite and on cenomanian sandstones of the Černokostelecko region - trends in the mobilization of selected minor and trace elements
    Application of newly developed ArcGIS software extensions for localization of faults and natural zones of methane's escape by morphotectonic analysis (Moravosilesian region)
    Application of Newly Developed Rotational Sensor for Monitoring of Mining Induced Seismic Events in The Karvina region
    Application of newly developed rotational sensor for monitoring of mining induced seismic events in the Karvina region
    Assessment of SP particles in strongly magnetic soils developed on limestones - case study
    The Behavior of Selected Trace Elements in Alpine Soils Developed on Black Shales in the upper part of the Hauptdolomit (Seefeld Area, Tyrol, Austria)
    The Behaviour of Selected Trace Elements in Alpine Soils Developed on Black Shales in the upper part of the "Hauptdolomit" (Seefeld Area, Tyrol, Austria)
    The Central Bohemian Plutonic Complex : A multi-generation intrusive complex with locally developed mafic-silicic layered magma chambers
    Clay minerals of some soils developed from magmatic and metamorphic rocks
    Comment on the seismic method Depth-Recursive Tomography on Grid (DRTG) developed by Miroslav Novotný and recently published in three papers in Surveys in Geophysics
    Evidence for non-coaxiality of ferrimagnetic and paramagnetic fabrics, developed during magma flow and cooling in a thick mafic dyke
    Factors Affecting the Trace Element Distribution in a Soil Developed on Granite Bedrock in Central Bohemia (Czech Republic)
    Fully developed woodland documented during the Bronz Age in the Dubany based on the pollen and mollusc succession (East Bohemia, Czech Republic)
    Humic acids quality of Cambisols developed on gneiss and amphibolite
    A model for a continental accretionary wedge developed by oblique collision: the NE Bohemian Massif
    Pedogenic and lithogenic features in the mineralogical composition of chernozem developed from red-earth deposits
    Planar optical waveguides in newly developed Er-silicated glasses: a comparative study of K+ and Ag+ ion exchange
    Sources and extractibility of chromium and nickel in soil profiles developed on Czech serpentinites
    Strongly magnetic soil developed on a non-magnetic rock basement: A case study from NW Bulgaria