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    Analogue modeling of AMS development during emplacement of shallow level volcanic bodies (extrusive domes and laccoliths)
    Contrasting Flow Fabrics of Phonolite and Trachyte Domes and Implication to their Emplecement Mode: Example from České Středohoří Mts. - North Bohemia
    Formation of elongated granite-migmatite domes as isostaticaccommodation structures in collisional orogensKry
    Internal fabric development in complex lava domes
    Internal flow fabric study of viscous lava domes in Central Slovakia by means of AMS and quantitative microstructural study
    Preliminary Data on the AMS Fabric in Salt Domes from the SW Part of Zagros Mts., Iran
    The role of salt salt domes and salt caves on creation of geoparks and geoturism development in Iran
    Speleothem decoration of giant domes in Bohemia Cave (New Zealand)
    Uranium mineralization occurrences in salt domes of the SE part of the Zagros Fold Belt