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    Blue dravite as an indicator of fluid composition during subsolidus replacement processes in Li-poor granitic pegmatites in the Moldanubicum, Czech Republic
    Fibrous dravite from quartz lode near Krašovice in Central Bohemia (CZ)
    Locality No.1 - Rožná near Bystřice nad Pernštejnem, Hradisko Hill : A large lepidolite subtype pegmatite dike - Type locality of lepidolite - Tourmaline minerals: schorl, elbaite, dravite, foitite, X-site vacant elbaite
    Locality No.2 - Nedvědice : Leucocratic orthogneiss, mica schist layers and fluorite-dominant layer with abundant tourmaline - Tourmaline minerals: schorl, dravite
    Locality No.3 - Kníničky near Brno : Tourmaline aggregates in altered aplite and diorite and in hydrothermal veins - Tourmaline minerals: dravite
    Locality No.4 - Bližná near Černá v Pošumaví : Elbaite subtype pegmatite penetrating marble with exomorphic tourmaline - Tourmaline minerals: dravite, schorl, uvite, elbaite, liddicoatite
    Locality No.5 - Pernštejn near Nedvědice : Metamorphosed tourmaline in mica schists - Tourmaline minerals: dravite, schorl
    Locality No.6 - Lavičky near Velké Meziříčí : Quartz-tourmaline orbicules in leucocratic two-mica granite, tourmaline in barren pegmatite and hydrothermal quartz-tourmaline veins - Tourmaline minerals: schorl, dravite
    Locality No.7 - Bítovánky near Třebíč : Graphite quartzite with minor V-bearing muscovite and accesory V-rich dravite - Tourmaline mineral: V-rich dravite, dravite
    Locality No.8 - Chýnov near Tábor : Mica-rich rock with Cr-bearing muscovite and accesory Cr-bearing dravite, dravite veinlets in dolomite - Tourmlaine minerals: dravite, Cr-bearing dravite
    Locality No.10 - Myšenec near Protivín : Barren pegmatite with giant tourmaline aggregates (natural reserve - no hammering, no collecting) - Tourmaline minerals: schrol, dravite
    Zoned REE-enriched dravite from a granitic pegmatite in Forshammar, Bergslagen province, Sweden: an EMPA, XRD and LA-ICP-MS Study