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    Drilling the Eger Rift. Field Trip Guide
    The ICDP-USGS Deep Drilling Project in the Chesapeake Bay impact structure : results from the Eyreville core holes
    The ICDP-USGS Deep Drilling Project in the Chesapeake Bay impact structure: results from the Eyreville core holes
    Observation of the Continental Crust through Drilling II. Proceedings of the International Symposium held in Seeheim, October 3-6, 1985
    Outokumpu Deep Drilling Project 2003-2010
    Reading the Archive of Earth's Oxygenation. Vol. 3 Global Events and the Fennoscandian Arctic Russia - Drilling Early Earth Project
    Continental Drilling. Some Remarks
    Deep drilling - a perspective of research into geodynamics of western part of the Eger Graben
    Depth-Recursive Tomography Along the Eger Rift Using the S01 Profile Refraction Data: Tested at the KTB Super Drilling Hole, Structural Interpretation Supported by Magnetic, Gravity and Petrophysical Data
    Depth-recursive tomography along the Eger Rift using the S01 profile refraction data: tested at the KTB super drilling hole, structural interpretation supported by magnetic, gravity and petrophysical data
    Drilling in a Silurian brachiopod Atrypa Fumosa from the Barrandian Area, Bohemia (Czech Republic)
    Drilling the Eger Rift in Central Europe
    Elastic anisotropy of core samples from the Taiwan Chelungpu Fault Drilling Project (TCDP): direct 3-D measurements and weak anisotropy approximations
    European Suture in the Carpathians and the Scientific Problems of the Orava Deep Drilling Project
    Geological and Petrological Models of the Earth's Crust in Central Europe. Reviews of Geologic Investigations by Drilling
    Investigation of lateral and vertical variations of the electrical conductivity by magnetotelluric sounding in Western Bohemia near the KTB drilling site
    Macroscopic electrical anisotropy of the Earth's crust: An example from the German Deep Drilling Project (KTB)
    A magnetotelluric profile across the German Deep Drilling Project (KTB) area: Two- and three-dimensional modeling results
    Seismic evidence of increased tectonothermal activity near the Oberpfalz deep continental drilling location (SE Germany)
    Some Results of Geophysical and Drilling Investigations into Upper Lithosphere in Czechoslovakia
    Scientific Drilling