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    Aluminum bentonite - an effective agent for treatment of wastewaters polluted with acrylate dispersions
    Back Analysis for effective design of bolt reinforcement - A case study for design of shaft
    Complex hazard susceptibility zoning for effective landuse planning and catastroph prevention in developing countries
    The determination of an effective dose for workers in caves
    The effective altitude range of the ionospheric Alfvén resonator studied by high-altitude EISCAT measurements
    Effective anisotropic velocity model from surface monitoring of microseismic events
    Effective computing algorithm for maintenance optimization of highly reliable systems
    Effective rates of groundwater mineralization in the Bohemian Massif and the Carpathians
    An effective stress based model for the dependency of a water retention curve on void ratio
    Geoelectrical imaging of slope deformations - towards repeated measurements, effective electrode array and limitations
    Groundwater-Quality Monitoring - Effective Method of Hydrogeological System Pollution Prevention
    Inverse Analysis for estimating some Characteristics of Stress Fields and Effective Installation of Bolt Reinforcement
    The Maximum Effective Acceleration and the EUROCODE Practice
    The Maximum Effective Acceleration and the EUROCODE Practice
    Modified low-grade aluminosilicates as effective sorbents of hazardeous oxyanions from aqueous systems
    Predicting the dependency of a degree of saturation on void ratio and suction using effective stress principle for unsaturated soils
    Stream Thermometry as an Effective Tool for Revealing Communication Areas between Mine Water and Surface Streams: Uranium Mine Rozna Case Study (Czech Republic)
    Stressing Bolts - an effective Reinforcement of Tunnels