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    19th General Meeting of the International Mineralogical Association. Expansion to Nano, Bio, and Planetary Worlds
    The effect of selected sandstone mineralogical composition on final thermal expansion
    The Expansion of Coal Mining in the Depression Areas - A Way to Development?
    The hypothesis on the Earth´s expansion in the light of space geodesy results
    Mean thermal expansion coefficiens of diopside and enstatite cell parameters and their petrologic significance
    Nannofloral expansion during the Middle Miocene transgression, Carpathian Foredeep, Czech Republic
    Ray-theoretical expansion of inhomogeneous plane waves in homogeneous isotropic elastic media
    Thermal expansion and excess volumes of synthetic olivines on the Mg2SiO4-Ni2SiO4 join
    The thermal expansion and its role in the dynamics of the rock massives (Exaples from the Bohemian Massif)
    Die Ursachen der Expansion der Erde