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    Regional workshop on climate variability and climate change vulnerability and adaptation. External forcings and past global changes
    Styles of superposed Variscan nappe tectonics. (Case study of the external Moldanubian Zone). Abstracts
    Climate variability associated with external (geomagnetic) forcing
    Climate variability associated with external (geomagnetic) forcing. Extended abstract
    Dynamics of bioparameters in relation to external chronomodulation
    The external gills und ornamentation of skull roof bones of the Lower Permian tetrapod Discosauriseus (Kuhn 1933) with remarks to its ontogeny
    Metaconglomerate in gneiss of the NE part of the Desná unit : Case study of the external Moldanubian Zone. Abstracts
    Neutron diffraction experiments on sandstone undergoing external pressure
    Polyphase tectonics and metamorphism of the external part of the Moldanubian zonr - case study of the Kutná Hora Crystalline Complex