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    Aliphatic C-H bond responses in the 900 - 700 cm-1 region of the FTIR spectra of coal tars
    Characterization of mixed-layer clay minerals using FTIR spectroscopy and thermal analysis (TG/DTA)
    Continuous monitoring of the oxidation of algal- and humic-type kerogen in a heated FTIR flow cell
    Continuous monitoring of the oxidation of different types of organic matter in a heated (190°C) FTIR flow cell
    FTIR Analysis of Historical Wax Seals
    FTIR analysis of uranyl minerals
    FTIR microspectroscopy of some chondrites, achondrites, stony irons and lunar meteorite
    FTIR spectroscopy and sorption of water vapour as methods of identification of hydrated zirconium dioxide on a corrosion layer of zirconium alloy
    Inspection of the 400-700 cm1 region in the FTIR spectra of Coal Tars
    Kidney Stone Analysis by Nicolet FTIR Spectrometer
    Optical and FTIR microscopy of vitrinite from Galanderud coal
    Quantitative Solid State NMR and FTIR Spectroscopy of Low Rank Coal and Reliability of Structural Parameters
    Structural Dependence of C-H Bond Absorptivities FTIR Spectra of Fossil Fuels
    Structural Dependence of CH bond absorptivities and consequences for FTIR analysis of coals
    Urinary calculi analysis by means of infrared spectrometry and FTIR spectrometry