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    Convergence of inexact Newton-Like Iterations in incremental finite element Analysis of Elasto-plastic Problems
    MAFELAP 2006. Conference on the Mathematics of Finite Elements and Application. Abstracts
    Adaptive finite element modelling of two-dimensional magnetotelluric fields in general anisotropic media
    AnalĂ˝za stability svahu pomocĂ­ random finite element method
    Composite Grid finite element method: implementation and iterative solution with inexact subproblems
    Convergence of inexact Newton-like iterations in incremental finite element analysis of elasto-plastic problems
    Coupled modelling of shear damage in subsoil using FEM and Finite Diferrencies
    Database Methods in Finite Element Postprocessing
    Elastic finite difference modelling on irregular grids
    Elastic finite difference modelling on irregular grids
    Energy of seismic waves radiated by finite circular source - numerical approach
    Energy of Seismic Waves Radiated by Finite Circular Source - Numerical Approach
    Finite Diffrence Schemes Adaption for Full Wave Equation Migration
    Finite seismic source parameters inferred from stopping phases for selected events of West Bohemia 2000 swarm
    Interactive Computer Graphics in Pre-processing for the Finite Element Analysis
    Iterative methods for composite grid finite element analysis
    Longitudinal waves of a finite amplitude in nonlinear elastic media
    Mass tranfer of ion-exchanging pollutants in ground water. Modelling by the finite differences method
    Microstructures and Finite Strain Pattern in Heterogeneous Crustal Extension, an Example from the Vepor Basement of the West Carpathians
    A new approach to modeling perpendicular fabrics in porphyritic plutonic rocks using the finite element method
    Robust optimal multilevel preconditioners for non-conforming finite element systems
    Robust optimal multilevel preconditioners for non-conforming finite element systems
    Space decomposition Methods: Displacement decomposition, composite Grid Finite elements and overlapping domain decomposition
    A tool for determination finite seismic source parameters via stopping phases method
    Tool for finite seismic source parameters determination - Stopping phases method, ver. 2