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    2nd International Conference on Fog and Fog Collection, St. John´s, Canada, July 15-20, 2001. Proccedings
    3rd International Conference on Fog, Fog Collection and Dew, Cape Town, 11.10.-15.10.2004. Proceedings
    Third international conference on fog, fog collection and dew, 11- 15 October 2004, Cape Town, South Africa. Proceedings
    Cloud and fog water deposition and its hydrological and ecological importance in selected regions of the Czech Republic
    Cloud and fog water depositional in the Šumava Mts. (Czech Republic). A model estimate of water flux and deposition of chemical compounds to mountainous spruce stand
    Comparison between pollutant concentration in the samples of fog and rime water collected at Mt. Milešovka
    Long-term cloud and fog water deposition monitoring in southern Czech Republic
    Pollutant concentration in fog water in relation to the air flow direction at 850 hPa level
    Pollutant Concentrations in the Rime and Fog Water at the Milesovka Observatory
    Synoptic situations and pollutant concentrations in fog water samples from the Milešovka Mt.