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    Alteration of sulfide matte-a waste material form lead smelting
    Ammonoidea of the Lower Cretaceous deposits (Late Berriasian, Valanginian, Early Hauterivian) form Štramberk, Czech Republic
    Determination of resistivity of solids in powdered form
    The form optimization of the pressure transducer
    Intraclasts form Lower Badenian coarse-grained deposits - evidence of lost depositional environment (Carpathian Foredeep, Czech Republic)
    Linearized Inverse Approach to determination of the Explicit Form of Geoid Radius
    Mechanical Testing of Carbon-Carbon Composite for Applications in Human Spine Surgery in the Form of Intervertebral Cages
    Preconditioners for Some Matrices of Two-by-Two Block Form, with Applications, I
    Response to Comment on Preconditioning of matrices partitioned in 2 2 block form: Eigenvalue estimates and Schwarz DD for mixed FEM
    Synchysite-(Y)-synchysite-(Ce) solid solutions form Markersbach, Erzgebirge, Germany: REE and Th mobility during high-T alteration of highly fractionated aluminous A-type granites
    The taxonomy of middle Westphalian medullosalean foliage known as "Alethopteris grandinioides early form" from the Central and Western Bohemian basins
    A verticillate puzzle: Nemejcia eocenica Knobloch and Kvaček form - gen. et sp.nov. (?Angiosperms) from the Upper Eocene of Central Europe
    Acta Univ. Comen., Form. Protect. Natur.