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    Development of a method in situ identification and mathematical modeling of flow and geochemical interaction in fractured environment of compact rocks
    Groundwater in fractured rocks
    Groundwater in Fractured Rocks - proceedings
    International Conference on Groundwater in Fractured Rocks, Volume of Abstracts
    Proceedings - Internat. Conference on ?Groundwater in fractured rocks?
    Proceedings - Internat. Conference on Groundwater in fractured rocks
    Proceedings - Internat. Conference on ?Groundwater in fractured rocks?, Sept. 15-19, 2003. Prague. 135-136, IHP-VI, Series on Groundwater 7. UNESCO
    Proceedings of International Conference on Groundwater in fractured rocks
    Sustainable Development of Water Resources in Fractured Rocks
    Contribution of Geophysical Well-Logging Techniques to Evaluation of Fractured Rocks
    Distribution of hydraulic conductivity in fractured compact granite defined by hydraulic tests and geophysical logging
    Field Research of Hydraulic Properties of Fractured Granitic Rocks and the Rock Matrix Without Fractures
    Groundwater in fractured rocks
    Guide. Pre-conference excursion to the southern Bohemia (Czech Republic). International conference on Groundwater in fractured rocks, Prague, 15-19 September 2003
    Hydrogeological assumptions for flow modelling within fractured rocks
    Hydrogeology fo fractured rocks from particular fractures to regional approaches: State-of-the-art and future challenges
    Magnetic Signatures of Impact Fractured Rocks from Sierra Madera, Texas, USA - Implications to Magnetic Anomalies on Mars
    The Sudetic Marginal Fault: Late Cenozoic activity constrained by geomorphic and fractured clasts studies
    Temporal chemical stability of groundwater in impermeable fractured granite
    Velocity dispersion in fractured rocks in a wide frequency range